Why This Human-Grade Dog Food Is Great For Senior Dogs

Standing on the deck, I watch my 11-year-old Jack Rusell Terrier, Bossi, as she slowly crosses the lawn, heading in for her dinner. Gone are the days when she’d bounce into the house to chow down. It’s time to face it — Bossi’s getting old. But we want to do everything to keep her healthy and happy for as long as we can.

I was chatting with a close family friend who also has a “senior dog” and Charles advised that I must make sure that Bossi’s getting all the nutrition she needs now that she’s aging. Charles said that the big brand kibble she’s been eating her entire life is the equivalent of junk food, packed with additives, fillers, and artificial preservatives. I wanted to extend Bossi’s life for as long as possible, so I was determined to find her something better — much better.

There is a growing body of scientific evidence that points to the health benefits of raw food and to the dangers of commercial pet food manufacturing (high temps, low ingredient quality standards, with little to no traceability).

While I was researching, one brand kept popping up — Maev, a vet-formulated, protein-rich raw food, free of chemicals and synthetics. Perhaps it could provide that “something better” for Bossi that we were looking for.

I was intrigued so I jumped right in and filled out a profile for Bossi: her age, weight, and activity level. Maev removed any guesswork and customized Bossi’s daily nutrition and portions to suit her needs.

Since Bossi has some arthritis and weight issues, I decided to try Maev’s Senior Dog Bundle which supports older dogs’ aging bodies.

The bundle includes a 4-week supply of everything Bossi could ever want:

  • Raw Food (20 lbs - 4 bags) Targets: Weight & Digestion

Helps maintain a healthy weight and resilient gut

Supports their joints and bones

  • Bone Broth (3 jars) Targets: Fortify their joints and bones

Integrating the raw food, bone broth, and supplement bars forms a foundation for the proper absorption of those vitamins & nutrients that support mobility, immunity, and balanced lifelong nutrition for your best friend.

Once our first Maev box arrived, we started on Bossi’s journey. Over the first month, we noticed that her digestion improved and she gained back some of her energy. In the second month, Bossi’s overall health seemed to lift. And when we hit 90 days, her coat was thicker and her breath was less stinky — thank you, Maev!

These days, she’s stronger, healthier, more energetic, her mobility is better, and she’s lost weight. It’s almost as if Bossi’s aging backward — she’s getting more spry every day.

A raw food diet focuses on lean protein, is moderate in fat, and has minimal amounts of carbohydrates drawn mostly from fruits and vegetables. Maev’s team of PhD Veterinary Nutritionists have formulated a dog food with 11 core ingredients including lean Beef or Chicken (or Liver, Gizzard, and Sweetbreads), fresh vegetables and fruits, and functional supplements in each serving.

Maev is high in moisture content and flash-frozen to retain all its nutritional value. Bossi loves the colorful cubes and I love it that I can actually see what’s in the food — talk about transparent. Bossi can’t wait to eat every morning and she no longer leaves the bowl half-full.

And, to make raw as easy as possible, Maev has convenient packaging, easy storage, transparent regular shipments, and a flexible subscription. You can add, swap, modify your orders, or unsubscribe at any time. And there’s no thawing or cooking needed! Serving sizes for your pup’s age and activity level are on the back of the packaging. It’s so easy: just shake, open, pour, and serve.

When I read that Maev’s raw food is PhD-Vet Formulated, USDA-Certified, AAFCO-compliant, and rigorously tested for E.coli, Salmonella, Listeria, and Micro (APCs), I trust them even more.

We want our little Bossi around for years and years to come. And thanks to Maev, we’re giving her the balanced nutrition she needs to live the longest and fullest life possible.

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