Why You Should Ditch Trending Skincare Brands For Droplette

Editor’s Note: Recently, my skin has started to show signs of a life well-lived. I noticed fine lines and wrinkles — especially around my eyes, mid-forehead, and lip area. It feels like I’ve tried every skincare hack on the planet, and nothing works. An effective skincare routine seems like a smarter solution, so I did a deep dive into the subject and discovered Droplette.

Learn how Droplette’s NASA-backed microinfusion technology has helped me finally address my skin issues.

My Skin Before Droplette:

Of course, I’ve been chasing the perfect skincare hacks for years. But I was overwhelmed by the dizzying world of invasive treatments and high-end creams. I was sick of shelling out $600 for luxe serums and those 25-step skincare lines that take forever to apply, that I’d forget to follow through.

I’ve tried it all. Microneedling promised to rejuvenate my skin, but my face was red and sensitive for days after. Injectables, touted as a quick fix for volume loss and wrinkles, initially plumped my skin and softened lines. But the results were short-lived.

When I visited my dermatologist for professional, in-office treatments, laser treatment recovery times were longer than anticipated. I imagined walking out of there with glowing, flawless skin. And let me tell you, the price tag was not worth it.

My Skin After Droplette:

When I found Droplette, I was instantly impressed because I could use this NASA-backed, physics-powered device in the comfort of my home. To ensure efficacy, the Droplette team runs clinical trials that have shown significant improvements in skin hydration, elasticity, tone, and reduction of dark spots and wrinkles within weeks of consistent use!

The Droplette 2 Micro-Infuser offers patented, needle-free tech that converts formulations into a high-velocity micro-mist. This allows active ingredients to penetrate the skin up to 20x more deeply — and 90% more effectively — than topical skincare. No painful procedures or harmful chemicals.

The Droplette is a sleek, egg-shaped device that comes in 4 exquisite shades: Infinity Grey, Cobalt Blue, Peony Pink, and Eucalyptus Green. This is the world’s first smart skincare device. It combines advanced microinfusion technology with dermatologist-approved, clinical-strength serums that are scientifically mono-dosed for a superfast, non-invasive, at-home skincare regimen.

Droplette’s actives are stored in capsules containing the daily targeted dose. Formulas address a number of skin concerns: dry skin, dark spots, oily skin, breakouts, redness, lip plumping, and anti-aging.

Droplette’s vast array of capsules include:

  • Retinol Renewerwith 0.15% Retinol: These capsules help smooth fine lines and wrinkles. (30-pack = $80 | 12-pack = $40 — with subscription)
  • Glycolic Illuminator with 8% Glycolic Acid: These capsules help to clear and prevent blemishes and imperfections. (30-pack = $80 | 14-pack = $40 — with subscription)
  • Tranexamic Eraser with 5% Tranexamic Acid: These capsules help fade dark spots, hyperpigmentation, and sun damage. (30-pack = $110 | 14-pack = $60 — with subscription)
  • Growth Factors are derived from stem cells and feature ingredients like amino acids and advanced peptides. Deep in the skin, Growth Factors activate stem cells, reverse cell quality decline, and replace aging skin cells. ($300 with subscription)

I wasn’t sure where to start, so I took Droplette’s brief Skin Assessment and it helped me identify what I need to curate a personalized skincare routine. I chose Retinol Renewer to start. If it works, I’ll tackle other skin issues later on.

When my device arrived — it was fully charged; thank you, Droplette! — I immediately applied it to a clean, dry face. I dropped a capsule in the device, tilted my head back, held it half an inch from my face, pressed the “power” button, and a fine micro-mist propelled the capsule’s ingredients deep into my skin. With no needles, no pain, and no damage. This is smart skincare that begins within.

The effects were so subtle, but I could already see that my fine lines had faded and bit and my face is now more glowy.

And the best part? It only takes about 2 minutes — quicker than brushing my teeth!

Final Thoughts:

Although outcomes vary for different individuals, users typically see noticeable results within 3-5 weeks of consistent, daily use.

The Droplette device itself costs $199. Although capsules can be ordered as a one-time purchase, I prefer to subscribe and save 20% to stay consistent with my routine.

Lately, my family keeps telling me that my skin looks radiant. My daughter’s wedding is coming up in a few months, so I’m going to try Growth Factors so I’ll have a fresh face and an even fresher smile.

I really love that Droplette is designed by women and it works for all genders. It’s a terrific skincare device that’s revolutionizing how we apply our skincare products. And super quick-n-easy to use. Can Droplette actually be the Nespresso of skincare?

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