Why You Should Start an Herb Garden Today


You might think of a garden as a flowers-only thing, but not true. Herb gardens are the new flower gardens. Why? Well, what if you could have beautiful-looking plants that double as delicious additions to bread, butter, and meats? We say, bring on the herbage.

1. It's easier than you think.

You don't have to be Ina Garten to have a killer herb garden. You don't need a lot of sunshine, fertilizer, or care. They can be grown in pots, but straight into the ground is a lot better for extra breathing room. You can even grow them in your kitchen!

2. Add some extra freshness to your life.

Fresh herbs make any meal that much fresher. You can keep them fresh to mix with butter and sauté some veggies for a delicious side dish, or rub your herb butter on a filet mignon to get some extra flavor. Nature is the greatest source of flavor. Forget the salt, and get the herbs. You can even dry them to jar your own additions for your spice rack!

3. They'll inspire you to cook.

With all these extra herbs growing around, their fragrant smell will get you back into the kitchen. Here are some of our favorite herb-centric recipes to keep you busy for awhile.

4. They make great gifts.

Forget bringing cut flowers to your next dinner party that will die in a week. Give the gift of herbs and maybe your friends will start their own gardens. Pay the delicious forward.

5. They're beautiful, and smell good too.

Herbs can be just as pretty as flowers, but they serve a dual function. Indulge all your senses in your new herb garden!

We love herbs, and you should, too.

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