Why You Should Wear a Dark Lipstick Shade ASAP

Ok, raise your hand if you have about 30,000 lipsticks in about 4 different shades of red or pink. Keep your hand up if you've ever seen someone on Instagram or IRL wearing black lipstick and looking fashionable af and wondered if you could pull it off. Your time has come, friends. It's late fall, we just elected a known misogynist and accused rapist, and the Cubs won the World Series this year. All bets are off and all rules are ready to be broken. Dark, unusually colored lipstick is hella cool and if you need another push to finally cave and buy the shade you've been eyeing, let me help you out:

It's super stylish.

Once upon a time, black lipstick was worn exclusively by Hot Topic mallrats with greasy, dyed black hair and more often than not, Tripp pants. But in recent years, alternative and mainstream fashion have merged quite a bit, giving us this fantastic middle zone where dark lip colors worn in a matte finish are actually very fashionable. Your selfie + superdark lipstick = Instagram magic.

It looks badass.

Looking "approachable" is over and dead. If you have a need (or just a desire) to be a little more intimidating, a forest green lipstick won't hurt. Underlings will be a little less likely to test you, and the men you don't want to talk to on the subway will be a little more likely to take the hint. Sometimes you just want to look as tough as you are. Be you, be spooky.

You'll stand out.

Have you ever accidentally worn the same shade of lipstick as one of your friends? I have. It's weirder than you might think. While dark lipstick is trending even in Kardashian World, it's still new and bold enough that more often than not, you'll probably be the only girl in the room wearing navy blue lipstick. Own it.

You're a free bitch, baby.

We're working towards a world where everyone has the right to vote, marry who they want, work if they want, own what they want, and practice full bodily autonomy. There is absolutely no reason for you to feel shy about wearing something a little offbeat, be it lipstick or anything else. If you like it, wear it. Period.

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