Wild Just Got Better! Meet Their New Lavender Scent

Forget everything you've ever heard about natural deodorants. Wild is here to show us how a natural deodorant is not only the best option for us but how it can work, like really work!!

No matter if you're having an adventurous day hiking under the sun or sweating your way through winter in your favourite jumpers, Wild will have you feeling fresh and smelling even better. Especially with the addition of their latest scent; Lavender. It's the go-to aroma that creates a sense of calm and relaxation. Let's be honest lavender screams fresh and clean. Exactly what my pits need.

Apart from the gorgeous scents that Wild comes in and the fact that our underarms have never been fresher, there are even more reasons why we love using Wild every day.

Firstly, it comes in four different coloured aluminium cases that have revolutionized the boring old deodorant bottle. Wild's stylish cases are refillable so when you run out all you have to do is pop in your Lavender scented refill - or one of their 6 other scents (Rose Blush, Mint Fresh, Coconut Dream, Orange Zest, Bergamot Rituals) - into your sleek case and off you go for another month.

Wildis cruelty-free, paraben-free, and vegan-friendly. The refills contain zero plastic and are biodegradable so when it's all gone they can go straight into the compost bin.

Wild will change your whole perspective on natural deodorant. Their formula works no matter what your day has in store. Their formula is powered by nature, no parabens or naties just all natural ingredients like Cacoa Seed Butter, Sunflower Seed Wax and Tapioca Starch. With zero plastic and sustainable packaging, it's kind to the environment. The refillable case has a beautiful aesthetic vibe, and it's so clever. Because with a subscription you'll never have to remember to pick up deodorant again. It simply arrives at your doorstep.

And Wild doesn't break the bank, the reusable aluminium case is only £7 with the first refill £5. When you subscribe you'll save on reorders of refills and if you buy the refills in bulk they're even cheaper.

Get customising your Wilddeodorant case and scent today and experience natural deodorant the right way. The purple case and lavender scent is a match made in deodorant heaven. But you can choose from all 4 of their case colours and all of their natural and refreshing scents to create your perfect match.

Skip the shop run - Wild Deodorant delivers straight to your door!

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