The Perfect Stay At-Home Wine Club For Couples

My husband and I used to go out for fancy-schmancy dinners, but this year we've been staying in. I'm beyond tired of mac-n-cheese night, pizza Fridays, and - since I'm being honest - the odd Bag-O-Snickers dinner. (Not as bad as it sounds - and no dishes!)

I had to break this dull culinary impasse, so I came up with the notion of weekly date nights. One evening a week, we'd stay in, rustle up exquisite meals like homemade filet mignon, broccolini, and truffle mashed potatoes.

But the key thing we're missing is wine. Normally, the two of us look forward to letting the restaurant's sommelier select our wine for us since we don't have a clue. We both wished we knew more about wine, so we might confidently find great bottles on our own. It was time to invest in a wine club.

When we jumped online to find a nice company that has everyday wine that doesn't cost too much but would taste wonderful, we were drowning in online wine delivery services. Although there were a bunch of them screaming for our attention, we quickly settled on Tasting Room.

Ever notice how most wine clubs can't stop boasting about how sophisticated their algorithms are? Tasting Room truly stands out from its competitors because they don't harp on their algorithms, they have a far more human approach.

Tasting Room is quite the individualized subscription service. Quality is key - they source the best wines from vineyards around the world. Only 1 in 12 wines are approved by their sommeliers and included in their monthly collections.

The wines we drink should make us curious, adventurous, joyful, and should reflect our personalities and experiences. New suggestions ought to build upon our actual preferences and not data.

So, Tasting Room shares its wine expertise, imparting knowledge in a mellow way that builds incrementally. A Tasting Room subscription provides an insightful personal concierge who will take the time to help us learn about wines and broaden our wine palates with carefully selected suggestions tailored just for us.

We were considering signing up for Tasting Room, but when we saw that the savings start instantly, we just jumped aboard. Our first shipment is a deeply discounted case of wine - 6 bottles for only $49.95 - normally a $210 value! Not too bad.

After that, Tasting Room automatically ships a case of 6 top-notch bottles of wine each month for $75 - that's only $12.50 a bottle. These wines would normally retail for anywhere from $25-$40 per bottle!

On top of that, we can choose all reds, all whites, or a mix of the two that arrive at our door. No lugging bottles from the wine shop, no stinkers that taste like vinaigrette. Plus, we can pause or opt-out at any time, or switch to a 12-bottle case - sweet!

When we received our inaugural case, we cracked open a bottle because we couldn't wait until date night. How relaxing to kick back on the couch and savor a delish Pinot Noir. I broke out a Saltines-n-Peanut Butter feast and we started a new tradition.

Whenever we have questions we reach out to our very own wine concierge Monday - Friday, 10am to 6pm EST. It's so great cause their expertise is just a click away. They respond within 2 hours.

Our personal wine concierge always recommends fantastic bottles and has handpicked shipments we adore - no outdated algorithms choosing bad wine for us. Even though we're not going out these days, Tasting Room makes staying-in cozy and fun.

Limited Time Offer: Get 6 Bottles For Only $49.95 (That's Less Than $9 Per Bottle)!

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