Our Editors Have Spoken: Five Books To Read This Winter

Today, as the weather forecast threatens up to 10 inches of snow in my area, I made the bold decision not to leave my apartment. This reclusive, shut-in lifestyle isn’t for everyone, but I love to curl up on my couch for hours to majorly reset.

There is no better excuse not to leave your house than during an inclement weather event. While I may not have a fireplace, I am aspiring for a hygge level of comfort with a chunky sweater and a fuzzy pair of socks. In short, I want to be cozy.

I’ve got my blanket thrown over my shoulders and a cup of tea on the table – so all I’m missing is a good book. But, to be honest, I don’t trust TikTok to give me what I want. I’ve been burned too many times. While Colleen Hoover may be the author of choice for the general public, I’m not really a fan.

I know…gasp. If this were Salem in the 1600s, I’d be burning at the stake by now. But I can’t help how I feel! While the familiarity of the plotlines might be comforting to some, I find Ms. Hoover’s novels a bit predictable, the plots a bit tacky, and the storylines lacking.

Given that she’s the epitome of a writer for the TikTok masses, I only trust myself to research my next book. Yet, I barely read the synopsis of a book. I like to go in knowing barely anything, and I never listen to a review. I need to find out for myself if a book is worth it or not. This is why I turn to people I trust to thrust books into my hands for me to become obsessed with.

So if you’re tired of scrolling through endless Hoover recs on BookTok, or are looking for a list of books that aren’t what you normally would read…I’ve asked our editors what their current faves are so you don’t need to search forever!

Here are some of our editor’s picks for their favorite books right now:

JP: None Of This Is True- Lisa Jewell

Simon + Schuster

When Alix Summer meets Josie Fair, they couldn’t seem more opposite (other than the fact that they share a birthday). Alix lives a glamorous life highlighting women on her podcast, while Josie is married to a man much older than her and only wears denim. However, once Josie suggests Alix make her podcast about her life, Alix realizes things are much different than they seem.

One of the best thrillers I’ve read since Gone Girl, I still am processing what I read. Fast-paced, exciting, and will have you wondering who to trust up until the very end.

SP: Greenlights- Matthew McConaughey


Matthew McConaughey’s memoir is one of the highest-rated celebrity autobiographies of all time. Riddled with life lessons, empowering discourse, and life stories from one of Hollywood’s leading men. Hailed as introspective, thought-provoking, and motivational, this book is exactly what you need heading into the rest of the year.

Learn how to develop a positive outlook towards life, cope with life lessons that may otherwise feel overwhelming, and laugh alongside McConaughey as you work through Greenlights.

NA: Divine Rivals- Rebecca Ross


If you’ve been loving the Percy Jackson TV series and need more fantasy in your life, Divine Rivals is for you. When two rival journalists find love through a surprising magical connection, they find themselves fighting in a war amongst the gods in hell.

This book has a little bit of everything: the beloved enemies-to-lovers trope, elements of popular fantasy novels like Shadow & Bone, and a battle for the fate of mankind. It’s the GoodReads Best Young Adult Fantasy & Science Fiction choice for 2023, so you know it’s amazing.

SP: Empire of Pain- Patrick Radden Keefe


If you’re watching Painkiller, this may be your next read. Patrick Radden Keefe takes readers through the history of the Sackler family- the family notorious for owning Purdue Pharma and the founders of Mundipharma. The show delves into whether or not the Sackler family was involved in marketing OxyContin.

The opioid crisis is a continuous problem within American society, and with a family profiting directly off of addiction to painkillers…this makes for a fascinating read.

JP: Mick: The Wild Life & Mad Genius Of Mick Jagger- Christopher Andersen


I’ve been delving into different genres lately, one of them being biographies. Mick Jagger is the face of one of the most iconic rock bands of all time: The Rolling Stones…and with that comes all the stories of sex, drugs, and rock and roll you can imagine.

He’s one of the inspirations for Carly Simon’s “You’re So Vain” (hint: apricot scarf), he’s broken hearts everywhere he’s gone, but he’s also something of a mastermind. One of the most well-written, entertaining biographies I’ve read.

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