Products That Make Your Life A Little Easier

Recently, I had a revelation. Blame it on turning 25 and my quarter-life crisis, the unrelenting heat, or the fact that the summer is coming to a screeching halt … but I just can’t be bothered. With anything.

My friends and I made an extensive list of things we don’t have time and respect for - it’s an ever-growing Notes app musing of things that grind our gears, so to speak. My most recent addition? The amount of time per week I have to put into maintenance.

If you’re a woman, you know the concept of an Everything shower. It’s the longer-form shower practiced weekly by women across the world, where you shave, exfoliate, do a hair and face mask, and get ready for the weekend. It’s lengthy, a marathon, something people dedicate entire playlists for to occupy the mindless time spent in there.

But lately, I don’t want to put the extra steps into my routines. I don’t care enough to use every single serum that can help my skin…I quite honestly feel lackadaisical and lazy. And I know I can’t be the only one.

I know this because more and more skincare brands are fusing multiple serums together to knock a little time off your routine. I see it in the makeup multi-sticks that can fit in your purse for touch-ups and full faces.

I firmly believe that inside of every woman is a lazy girl begging for five extra minutes of just doing nothing.

So, I’ve been obsessed with finding skincare and makeup products that make your routine a little easier. It’s to shave some time off for the days you don’t want to do anything, but still want to take care of yourself and uphold some sense of structure in your life.

Whether you’re traveling, or always in a rush, here are some products that save you some time!



TSA-approved, WYOS is changing the skin and hair care game by creating waste-free sticks that can do it all. Right now, I’ve been loving the Shaving Suds stick and the All Over Oil stick. It’s been getting me a close shave, and the suds don’t clog my razor like regular shaving cream.

With face cleanser, shampoo, shaving suds, a mask, and more, WYOS has a stick for your needs. And they won’t disappoint. It makes my life so much easier to pack all of these sticks as my toiletries when I’m on the go.

Charlotte Tilbury Beach Sticks

Charlotte Tilbury

Last year, Charlotte Tilbury released Beach Sticks - little contour, highlight, and blush sticks that could be kept in a case in your purse. It was easy for a 5-minute makeup routine and could double as an eyeshadow. The blush versions were so popular that they are back with more Beach Sticks.

Beginner friendly and in three gorgeous blush shades, this is an easy way for me to apply and touch up my makeup. I don’t need to work hard to blend, just use my finger if need be and off I go!

ILIA Beauty Eye Stylus


Eyeshadow sticks are a lazy girl’s best friend. You just glide them over your lid and blend out, and there’s your completed look. Of course, ILIA Beauty's Eye Stylus are the perfect formula and come with a blinding shimmer...or a soft matte.

You’ll be able to bring these with you wherever you go, and just like the Charlotte sticks- they’re beginner friendly and blend like a dream.

BUBBLE Vitamin C and Niacinamide


A lot of skincare products contain multiple ingredients that benefit your skin - like Paula’s Choice Liquid Exfoliant containing Salicylic Acid and AHA’s/BHA’s to exfoliate and clarify your skin. This BUBBLE serum has the same idea - using two ingredients to give you a glow and even your skin tone while controlling oil levels.

It’s been a great way to knock my skincare routine down a few steps and works just as well.

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