Valentine’s Day Decor That's Acceptable Year-Round

I love to decorate my apartment for the holidays. And Valentine’s Day is no exception. It’s satisfying to feel festive and spice up your decor in a space you see day after day. However, the clean up is killer and I barely have room to store my necessities…let alone extra adornments.

With one working closet throughout my 1,200 square feet, I find myself shoving my artificial Christmas tree underneath my couch for 11 months of the year. So I have to be practical about which decorations I truly want to buy — and which are just a waste of space.

My living room is bright with an avant-basic theme that is reminiscent of a Love Island villa. There’s lots of bright colors, the walls are almost pink, and the neon signs cast a purple hue throughout.

During my Galentine’s party, someone joked that our apartment is “Valentine’s Day year-round.” Little do they know, my cupid-pilled aesthetic is completely intentional.

I’ll die on the hill that pink throw blankets and heart-shaped pillows aren’t just cute during the month of February. Christmas trees may be a seasonal thing, but Valentine’s Day decor is made for year-round enjoyment.

And, no, I’m not talking about the “Happy Valentine’s Day” signs or the “Kiss Me” heart candy prints. I’m talking about the subtle, sophisticated decor that you leave out to prove you’re festive enough to celebrate the holiday without screaming it to the rooftops.

It's the decor you’d use in your room and no one will remind you that the holiday is long over. Something grown up but whimsical for the girls.

What It Means To Have A Valentine’s Day-Inspired Room

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Here’s what it doesn’t mean:

  • The word “love” slapped all over the place
  • Any nods to the words “Valentine’s Day”
  • Red and pink hearts everywhere. Or anywhere.

So don’t be scared. I’m not saying your room needs to look like you’re celebrating love and union all the time. Being a single woman, I know I don’t want to be reminded of love at all hours. However, pink is my favorite color and makes for a great accent.

It simply means that now is the easiest time to find pink, white, or red accent pieces for your home. So give into the curated lists of tasteful pink decor: form LoveShackFancy inspired pillows to coastal grandmother style inspired by your favorite Nancy Mayers films. Getting your home in a grown-up pink aesthetic couldn’t be easier.

How To Create A Valentine’s Day-Inspired Home

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Here’s my truth: it’s hard for me to say no to a bright pink outfit, I need to reel myself in when shopping because I’m always drawn to the color. If I didn’t stop myself, I’d turn into one of those girls who only has pink.

To prevent looking like I’m just going super hard on Barbiecore, I rely on neutrals predominately throughout my home. I’ll have a beige bed frame, white sheets, a white desk, a white dresser…you get the picture. The less color, the easier it is to go all out on colorful accents.

The only rule: if you don’t want your room to look like Cupid threw up inside it, keep it simple. Keep your furniture white or black, then the pink will add a necessary pop of color.

I recommend going with more muted colors in baby shades so they are less of a shock and create more of a gradient of color. If you want to brighten things up, then my favorite way is to use neon signs- which have replaced lamps in my living room.

I’ve stalked the floors of my local home goods haunts, searching ceaselessly for the perfect pink throw pillow and LoveShackFancy-inspired sheet set. If it’s out there, I’ll find it.

Basic Year-Round Valentine’s Day Decor

Now that you know what you want, here are my favorite V-Day decorations that work for the entire year!

All Eyes On Me Neon Sign

LoveShackFancy Queen Plaid Blanket

UO Silky Satin Heart Ruffle Throw Pillow

Brooklinen Classic Percale Core Sheet Set in Rosebud

Pink Disco Ball

Tenko Bench in Pink

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