We Need to Talk About Zendaya

We need to talk about Zendaya.

I mean, we can't help but keep talking about her. But here's the thing — how did an ex-Disney star, whose current claim to fame is a soapy HBO teen drama, become Hollywood's latest darling?

The answer: she's literally perfect.

Now, with credits in Dune and the Marvel Cinematic Universe under her belt, Zendaya's set to step further into the limelight and her most recent lineup of looks prove that she's more than ready.

Since her earliest days, Zendaya has set herself up for success. Though she's ambitious, she is also grounded — a combination which allowed her to gracefully exit the Disney machine.

Instead of having the requisite meltdown, public crisis, or jarring rebrand that most former-Disney stars fall prey to, Zendaya took her exit at her own pace, choosing to say her final farewells right before the series premiere of Euphoria.

How did she do it?

How she knows best: through fashion.

At the Met Gala — the event that makes or breaks fashion icons — Zendaya waltzed up the red carpet in an electric, light-up Cinderella gown. What a brilliant way to pay homage to the movie magic of the studio that built her, then promptly dropping it for her debut as Rue, a teenage addict in HBO's Euphoria.

By using fashion to cement this new stage of her life, Zendaya signaled that she is not just the type of Hollywood starlet who walks the obligatory red carpet to promote a project. Despite being famously lowkey, she makes constant appearances at fashion events and always delivers.

She keeps going

And she's done it again.

At the CFDA Awards on November 11, Zendaya was a vision in red, wearing a two piece Vera Wang ensemble which made her look like the most gorgeous wedding topper. Giving his own awe-struck reaction, her boyfriend, Tom Holland (aka Spiderman) posted the look enthusiastically on Instagram with the cutest caption. So would we.

These garments' sleek, seductive charm are held up by Zendaya's effortless poise. In short: she wears them, they don't wear her.

This phenomenon can be attributed to a number of things: she's a vision of perfection that us mere mortals can only hope to attain, but also she radiates confidence, not to mention her meticulous curation of her aesthetic.

From head to toe, every detail about Zendaya's style is planned and thought out. But this doesn't mean it's extravagant at every opportunity — in fact, the opposite. Zendaya's simple, natural beauty balances the opulence of the garments and imbue her with an effortless glow.

So … what about the rest of us?

While most of us aren't equipped with teams of makeup artists and stylists — amounting to nothing more than switching out sweatpants to wear around the house — we can take this lesson from Zendaya, in an effort to capture some of her charm.

By focusing on a glowy visage, perhaps we too can make any ensemble seem genuine and purposeful.

This is what I tell myself anyway. And it explains why — upon seeing the photos of Zendaya in Vera Wang at the CFDA awards — my first thought was: "let me go wash my face."

Though "clean" isn't an aesthetic in itself, it's both the first step and the finishing touch to any truly great look. The sophisticated restraint of simplicity works best when your face is naturally clean and clear. So, while we can't even approximate most of Zendaya's looks, we can reach for what is possible: clear skin.

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I'll admit, it's a fool's errand I've undertaken — trying to approximate Zendaya's stunning look. However, the little I can glean from her beauty secrets, I will.

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