Winter Beauty Trend Alert: Slicked-Back Hair

Thinking about: heartthrob hair.

Each era has its own iteration of fashion and — alongside that — unique beauty and grooming trends. Yet somehow, between the mess of mullets and man buns and more, heartthrob hair is a constant.

But what is heartthrob hair? Almost invariably, it’s a slicked-back style — but don’t confuse it for sleazy slick-backs or overgeled, stiff locks. No, this effortless look is usually characterized by a couple of loose strands that frame the face.

Vintage inspiration for heartthrob hair includes Elvis Presley, Judd Nelson in the Breakfast Club, River Phoenix — oh, our floppy-haired king.

However, there was a brief, regrettable period of time when heartthrob hair evolved and became the “Swoosh” — you know it, you hate it — Justin Bieber’s “Generation My World” hair (though, for him, we do prefer it over his dreadlocks phase).

During the 2010s, overgrown and side swept bangs were ubiquitous. However, the famed side-part vs. middle-part TikTok battle has confirmed that the new generation is shunning the Swoosh and bringing back the heartthrob hair of yore.

Everyone seems to be sporting this cut. After growing their hair out during peak lockdown, some are experimenting with the resurgent look. While others were only bold enough to test out new looks while no one was around to see … then kept them. As they should! This vintage ‘do is back and better than ever!

Just ask verifiable heartthrobs like Timothee Chalamet. While Timothee is an all around style icon, his hair deserves some credit. Though his cherubic curls are usually bouncing behind him, his go-to style for a polished look is the epitome of slicked-back style — and don’t forget those face-framing bangs.

Timothee ChalametBy Denis Makarenko // Shutterstock

Tom Holland has recently been sporting this style after letting his hair grow a bit longer. Notably, Holland stepped out for a photocall with Zendaya promoting the Marvel Blockbuster, Spider-Man: No Way Home — both flaunting matching hair. And at the Don’t Look Up premiere, notorious duo-dressers — Jonah Hill and Sarah Brady — also sported Gucci ensembles and slick hairstyles.

Whatever style move Zendaya makes, I trust. Even more so, when it’s co-signed by everyone’s latest favorite actress, HoYeon Jung. HoYeon Jung embraces heartthrob hair in full, which is perhaps why she’s the breakout star of the Netflix smash hit Squid Game.

Perusing red carpet pictures and paparazzi shots, it’s clear that this new wave looks a lot like the old wave. So, off to buy new hair gels and sprays we go!

However, the first step to any style of hair — heartthrob-inspired or otherwise — is taking care of your precious tresses (say that five times fast, I dare you).

Here are our favorite hair care products to keep your heartthrob hair healthy:

Color Wow Hair

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Cuvee Beauty

Cuvee Beauty

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Cuvee Beauty’s daily care products and their deeply conditioning masks utilize ingredients contained in champagne to strengthen your follicles so you can shape your hair in fun and glamorous ways. So, go on, give your hair a champagne shower. You won’t believe the transformation!


Cult beauty brand Briogeo has amassed a loyal following for a reason. Their products will reset and refresh your hair. Briogeo focuses on removing all the icky gunk from past products out of your hair. Try their super satisfying scalp scrub to get rid of whatever’s weighing down your hair.

Playa Hair

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