30 Days Of Wellness Challenge

Mindfulness is tricky during the holidays. You spend so much time thinking — planning travel, buying gifts, making list after list, and checking them twice — that it’s easy not to think about yourself! Even if you want to become a more mindful, serene person during the most chaotic time of the year, it’s hard to know where to begin.

We’re here to help. Start the new year strong with our 30-Day Wellness Challenge, filled with simple, mindful changes you can make to your day for a more present lifestyle.

Take whatever you need from this challenge, go at your own pace, and remember that everyone is different. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by a wellness challenge, stop and come back when you’re ready. And whenever you’re craving a reset, come back to this list for inspiration to get your focus back on mental health.

Let’s begin!

Day 1: See A Movie

Whether you get together with friends at your house or take a trip to the theater, start this wellness challenge off right with a flick of your choice! On my list: Saltburn.

Day 2: Practice Yoga

Yoga can help your mental and physical state, try our favorite holiday yoga hacks here!

Day 3: Start Journaling

A great way to feel your emotions and deal with them in your own way, a journal is consistently unbiased.

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Day 4: Go On An Outdoor Walk

Put on a jacket and go outside! Connecting with nature can lower your anxiety and help ground yourself.

Day 5: Schedule Coffee With A Friend

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the chaos of the holidays. But instead of shutting down, see a friend in person to help you feel more connected with the ones you love.

Day 6: Budget For The New Year

We get the financial stressors of the holiday season. Lessen the blow with some budgeting tips to make financial freedom less intimidating.

Day 7: Do A Guided Meditation

Take time before you go to bed or when you wake up to do a body scan or guided meditation.

Day 8: Bake Your Favorite Sweet Treat

Cookies, pies, brownies — dealer’s choice!

Day 9: Do A Face Mask

Skincare and self-care are major ways to show yourself love.

Day 10: Call A Friend Or Family Member

Keeping interpersonal relationships is so important during this time. Phone someone you haven’t talked to in a while!

Day 11: Set Your January Goals

Having monthly goals is a good way to feel accomplished and quantify all you’ve done in 30 days.

Day 12: Clean One Room In Your Home

Spring cleaning doesn’t have to start in March! Get a head start by organizing even a closet.

Day 13: Try A New Dinner Recipe

Fall in love with cooking and channel your inner Bobby Flay. Challenge yourself to a new recipe you’ve never tried before.

Day 14: Donate Your Old Clothes

Instead of trashing your clothes, give them to a thrift store or donate to a local homeless shelter. There’s always someone who could use them.

Day 15: Schedule A Therapy Session


A therapy session is unbiased venue to unload your problems without being judged. It’s a great time to start working through your mental health struggles.

Day 16: Participate In The Little Treat Trend

The season of giving includes yourself. A little treat can be a coffee, new makeup, a night in, or anything else you’re craving.

Day 17: Make Your Bucket List For Vacations

Give yourself something to dream about with your bucket list vacation spots. We have some recs, too!

Day 18: Go To A Workout Class

Workout classes give you a sense of community and help you achieve your fitness goals. Perfect for beginners and experienced attendees alike, a workout class can be a good way to release tension and stress.

Day 19: Learn A New Hobby

It could be painting, or crocheting, or running.

Day 20: Donate Canned Goods To A Local Shelter

Little acts of kindness are important during this season, even inexpensive ones! Donating canned goods and nonperishable items to a shelter can help feed those in need.

Day 21: Make A New Playlist

Music can be a great way to work through emotions. Make a playlist that feels right for you and how you feel in the moment.

Day 22: Take 10 Minutes Alone

Constantly socializing is exhausting for anyone. Take 10 minutes alone during the day to just center yourself.

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Day 23: Start A New Book

Reading can be a good replacement for mindlesssly scrolling on your phone before bed. Start that book before bed and let it take you into dreamland!

Day 24: Take Yourself On A Date

Cook yourself a nice dinner, go for a walk in the park, or go out to brunch!

Day 25: Do A YouTube Workout

You may not have time to go to a workout class everyday, which is why YouTube is the best resource. During the pandemic, YouTube’s Chloe Ting was the people’s workout instructor.

Day 26: Practice Mindful Breathing

Your breathing can help calm your heart rate and settle your anxiety. Mindful breathwork is another tool you can use when you’re feeling anxious.

Day 27: Donate Old Blankets To Animal Shelters

If you’re looking to help out more, donate your old blankets for dogs and cats at animal shelters! Or look on their website to see what else you can donate.

Day 28: Stay Off Social Media All Day

Delete TikTok, Instagram, “X”, and Facebook. See how life feels without socials and what you start to pay attention to.

Day 29: Wear A Fun Outfit

Look good, feel good!

Day 30: Have A Drink

Apple cider, wine, a cosmo. Maybe even try a new signature drink. You deserve it.


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