7 Reasons You Need To Try Home Chef If You’re Keto

I've never been a fan of grocery shopping, but since I started my keto diet, it's been a real nightmare. The most challenging for me is figuring out which foods I can actually eat. The aisles are packed with groceries and it takes me forever to study each item’s nutritional value label – only to realize I can’t eat it. Or can I? Honestly, I’m lost.

Keto looks so good on paper and the results I’ve seen personally are amazing, but why is it so difficult to stick with? I can’t be the only one who has no time or patience to search out Keto-Friendly recipes and then teach myself how to cook them. There had to be an easier way.

I was slicing my second avocado of the day – this was getting tiring – when I Googled “How to be successful at Keto”. After a bunch of very boring reads, I hit pay dirt – Home Chef.

I was impressed that Home Chef is #1 in Customer Satisfaction among meal kit companies.* They offer everything from classic meal kits to convenient Oven-Ready and Fast & Fresh options. I’ve heard about the meal kit concept before, but I was thrilled that Home Chef offers 6 Keto-Friendly recipes each week.

While I still doubted it could help me stick with Keto, it’s the most impressive option I found. Here’s how Home Chef helps me stay Keto Strong:

1. Why Keto

The Keto diet encourages your body to burn fat for energy instead of glucose. So much of the Western diet features high-caloric, processed carbs, so switching your focus to healthy fats as a fuel source can be a huge challenge. But going Keto can have so many health benefits, it’s worth it. It took me a while to adjust to fewer carbs, but Home Chef's array of delicious recipes really helps! These days, I sleep like a baby and wake up refreshed, I have more energy all day long, and my cookie cravings have vanished (almost).

2. How Home Chef Makes It Easy

Keto has never been so simple, every week I choose my Keto-Friendly dinners from Home Chef's menu of chef-crafted recipes. Each meal contains less than 15 grams of net carbs and 30+ grams of protein and are well-balanced and beyond delicious. I love that they pre-measure the ingredients for me – all I have to do is follow the instructions.

3. My Time Is Of The Essence

It's not just the time wasted in the grocery store, it's researching recipes, planning the dinners, translating nutritional value labels, and then the prep, too! Home Chef delivers premium, perfectly portioned ingredients ready-to-cook straight to my door – they literally do all the work for me.

And what makes them truly stand out from other services is that they have Keto-Friendly Oven-Ready meals with minimal prep and cleanup. And if you’re pressed for time, their Express meals are ready in under 30 minutes!

4. Knock-knock – Dinner At Your Door

With Home Chef's super flexible subscription, I can skip a week or pause whenever I want. Personally, I don't, since eating Home Chef’s Keto-Friendly meals has been going great for me and I don't want to lose momentum while I have it! But if you're more experienced in whipping up Keto-Friendly meals and just need a little variety now and again, you can customize your subscription so it better suits your budget and lifestyle.

5. No Crave – No Cave

I used to cook the same 2 or 3 meals over and over so Keto felt like pure torture. But not anymore. With 6 fresh meals to choose from weekly, maintaining Keto is a breeze. Variety is key to staying on course!

6. Savor The Flavors

Home Chef's team of expert chefs craft vibrant Keto-Friendly recipes you'll rarely find in restaurants. My absolute favorite is Oven-Ready Spicy Italian-Style Beef Meatloaf with Parmesan Broccoli – yummm! The portion size – especially the protein – is perfect.

7. Keto Made Easy Thanks To Home Chef

As I continue on my Keto journey, I'm confident I won't fizzle out this time. Home Chef plays a huge part in delivering everything I need to be successful right to my door. Their globally-inspired, flavor-rich recipes mean I never get bored while still reaching my target weight. And with meals starting at only $7.99, they’re convenient and incredibly affordable.

To me, Keto's not a diet – it's how I feed my body so it’s at its best. Keto can be simple and delicious with Home Chef!

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*Source: US Grocery Benchmark Study, April 2020, Market Force Information, Inc.