Our Fave Influencers Are Paying For Bespoke Baby Names - WHAT!?!?

What truly makes a good name? Is it popular opinion, how well it suits the child who bears it or its retail value? Yes, I hate to tell you, but some out there might not consider every name priceless. Last year alone, over 1,000 parents are reported to have paid their hard-earned money to a professional Baby Namer to generate a list of bespoke names for their sweet little tyke.

New and experienced parents alike believe that there ought to be a lot of thought behind the names we choose for our kids. Names are important, set the tone for first impressions, and are a great way to carry on your family’s legacy and even your culture.

But honestly, have we reached the point where it's this laborious - so to speak - to name our children?

The Bespoke Baby Namer

I wish I could say this is all a joke and that no one’s paying thousands to have a professional align their baby’s name with their brand. But who am I kidding? We aren’t surprised. This is precisely what we’ve come to expect from the rich and famous.

America's favorite entrepreneur Kim Kardashian recently discussed how tough it was to find names for her latest two children, who were delivered via surrogate.

The megastar told People, “when I had a surrogate, I found that time would fly by faster and I wouldn't feel the pressure coming up with the name. So I will say, naming my last two was definitely harder with the pressure of just letting time go by."

If you've never heard about a sucker breaking the bank to pay for an expert who provides an 'on-brand' baby name, check out Taylor A. Humphrey. NYU graduate Humphrey has made a comfortable living as a professional Baby Namer since 2015.

The $ Behind A Name

Humphrey's clients pay anywhere from $1,500 to $10K for her to generate a list of trendy names that complement the parents' businesses, initiatives, and brands.

While many of us have taken on the simple action of baby-naming – and will continue to do so for free! – Humphrey insists her job is far more nuanced than providing fashionable first names. Perhaps even she even knows it’s a tad ridiculous to pay $10k for a name like Dusty Rose or Wolf.

She emphasizes that much of her work centers on supporting expectant parents and that she often finds leading them back to their original concept. Humphrey believes that parents already know the right answer and often just need a bit of guidance. Then, what I wanna know is why do they need her?

No matter how many “likes” a name can garner on our next Insta upload, who the hayylll wants to pay an arm and a leg for a baby name they could churn up in a 3-second trip to Googletown?

So, for shitz-n-Googles, let’s give it a go: “unique baby names non-gendered” yields . . . Bellamy, Charlie, Finley, River, and . . . JUSTICE. We can all use a bit of justice these days. So, Justice gets my vote. Now, I’ll take Humphrey’s fat fee and go shopping, thank you.

Still, many of the upper echelons insist on carving out a unique niche for people like Taylor Humphrey.

Nutrition Over A Name

We will have to wait and see if celebrities like Kim K and our fave influencers turn this privileged baby-naming fad into a full-blown tradition. Or will we soon forget about this eccentric mess of names like Psalms, Exa Dark Sideræl, KoolRanch or Apple?

I think every expecting mom should take a note out of Rihanna’s book and stay as calm and collected as possible throughout their pregnancies. But then again, who among us can make shopping for Target baby clothes look this cool?

What we ALL should remember is that pregnancy doesn't have to be as daunting as choosing an on-trend baby name, especially not when there’s a company like Beli.

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Sure, it's exciting to be inspired by celebrity baby belly trends, to speculate whichA-lister is preggers, and laugh our asses off about those rich-n-famous people wasting boatloads of cash. All to lock in a name for their child that may be trending today and out-of-fashion tomorrow – see: Ethel, Perth, Darlene.

And you can hold off on paying for that fancy baby name until after placing your first order of Beli's exceptional supplements.

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