What Are They Doing With All That Buccal Fat Anyway?

We’re in an era of aesthetic maximalism, which means more is more. Doja Cat at 2023 Paris Couture Week, the MSCHF boots, the viral-ification of culture. Everything is extra.

And as Meryl Streep articulated perfectly as Miranda Priestly during the iconic “cerulean” scene in The Devil Wears Prada, what happens in high fashion eventually trickles down to us commoners. Except, these days, it moves at the lightning speed of social media.

Whatever our favorite celebrities have and do, we strive to adopt and imitate. Their maximalist fashion displays inspire SHEIN dupes and TikTok microtrends. And mainstream replication doesn’t stop at clothes. More and more normies like us are getting cosmetic surgery and procedures like preventative botox and filler injections. And there’s no shame in the game, but those expensive treatments can have long-term effects on how you look and feel. Not to mention draining your wallet.

Things used to be simple — a Kardashian makeup artist would reveal their secrets to contouring and you’d immediately try your hand at sculpting your face with layers and layers of bronzer. But now, trends aren’t just about makeup techniques. It’s about altering your body type or face shape with medical solutions to fabricated problems.

All over the news, we’re inundated with headlines about the latest barrage of popular celebrity aesthetic treatments. Once Bella Hadid finally admitted to getting a nose job, the floodgates gushed open. We’re no longer convinced by celeb lies about “puberty” changing their faces. Now we’re all woke to the truth: facelifts, filler, botox, oh my!

Medspas are popping up all across the country to provide us regular joes with identical treatments. But where do we draw the line? I mean … Ozempic face? Buccal fat? What the hell is going on? Try explaining any of this to someone literally a year ago. You couldn’t.

Even medical professionals are baffled by the popularity of these drastic aesthetic changes. It used to be that we would watch from afar as those in the spotlight altered their appearances. But now the masses are running to the doctor’s office fiending for an ozempic prescription or inquiring about dissolving their filler and/or evaporating their buccal fat.

Aside: I couldn't help but wonder, what are they doing with all that buccal fat anyway? Somewhere, in a bag or a waste disposal room, is Lea Michele's buccal fat, Zoe Kravitz's buccal fat, Bella Hadid's buccal fat. This is the thought that keeps me up at night.

And there’s real danger in hastily following trends like this. Unlike fashion microtrends, the consequences of altering your face and body can be perilous. Not to mention the psychological effects of commodifying your body — adapting to transient looks that can go in and out of style. In itself, this is a sign of the apocalyptic era of late-late-stage capitalism we’re consumed by. Hello! There are actual corporeal side effects to these specific cosmetic procedures.

So skip the expensive ozempic prescription — and every other diet fad while you’re at it — and don’t be insecure about your buccal fat. You can still get the snatched face of your dreams by working with your face, rather than against it.

Because let’s be real … even if you would never consider buccal fat removal — or even if you’ve only imagined it — there’s an allure to the sharp lines of a face like Bella Hadid and Zoe Kravitz. After all, isn’t that what we were all aspiring to with those contouring tutorials anyway?

Alongside the popularity of permanent procedures, facial tools, and tricks have been popping up to help sculpt the faces of those who aren’t willing to spend an arm and a leg to farm out their buccal fat. If you’re intrigued with a more sculpted look, you can give your face some definition without completely butchering it.

From anti-aging devices that give you tighter skin to lymphatic drainage tools that heal your puffy morning face-woes, here are the best facial sculpting tools and devices on the market. From budget-friendly staples to more extensive solutions, here’s how you can get a snatched face at home instead of a MedSpa.

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WTHN Facial Cups

For an instant, all-natural facelift, try face cupping. It’s a Traditional Chinese Medicine technique that sculpts, lifts, and de-puffs. Use the smaller cups for your forehead and eye areas, while the larger ones work great on your chin and jawline. Use with your favorite face oil to prevent pulling and get your blood flowing.

Skin Gym Ice Face Roller

Start your day with an instantly soothing, depuffing treatment. Be sure to only roll upwards to help your skin defy gravity and promote skin elasticity.

Common Heir Gua Sha

This brushed gold stainless steel Gua Sha sculptor is a sleek metal gua sha that massages and smooths skin. Glide over your face oil of choice while applying enough pressure to provide relief and stimulate lymphatic drainage. Tip: use this in the shower with your cleanser to release tight facial muscles and promote circulation.

Supernal Cosmic Stone

This exceptional gua sha has four unique edges that are designed for comfort and versatility as you sculpt your face and neck. Each multifunctional edge is suited for each plane of your face, working with its shape to release tension as you lift, sculpt, and depuff. Crafted by hand, it’s made of bespoke Nephrite Jade with a satisfyingly weighted feel and luxe polished finish.

SolaWave Red Light Wand

This is a full spa experience in one portable, super versatile tool that’s the ultimate pre-programmed 5-minute daily treatment. This award-winning, clinically-proven skincare tool is recommended by Dermatologists for 4-in-1 benefits. LED Red Light Therapy promotes rejuvenation and smoothes fine lines. Microcurrent therapy tones your facial muscles to prevent sagging and wrinkling skin. The facial massage element decreases puffiness and releases tension. And therapeutic warmth helps your products penetrate the skin. Run, don’t walk!

NuFace Trinity Device

The hyper-storied NuFace device is totally worth all the hype. The microcurrents deeply penetrate your skin to sculpt instantly and over time. For visible results, use this high-tech tool daily, and watch your face transform before your eyes.

Shani Darden Facial Sculpting Wand

A celebrated celeb esthetician, Shani Darden’s products have proven results. This unique sculpting wand uses sound wave technology to target loose skin and fine lines for a firmer, refreshed appearance.

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