What Is The Best Language Learning Program For Children?

School may be out, but what's next? Over the last several months, parents have resorted to home-schooling their children. Those with full-time jobs found it even more difficult to keep their children occupied and on-task. Now that the school year is almost over, parents are breathing a heavy sigh of relief.

But what will children do for the Summer? Most Summer camps are closed and nearly all outdoor activities are being put on hold. The last thing anybody wants is for their child to sit in front of the television all day.

Online learning is in high demand. While people are stuck indoors, more are jumping at the opportunity to add a foreign language to their child's curriculum. Children, in particular, are the best suited to learn new languages-- from age two to ten, learning a second language is as easy as learning a first, so it is vital that parents capitalize on this window of opportunity.

We did some research, and based on reviews from customers and notable publications, the four most popular are- Muzzy, DinoLingo, Little Pim, and DuoLingo. We compared these four programs to discern which is the most effective.


DinoLingo is an online program that features 52 different languages and is designed using proven scientific methods to aid your child's online curriculum.

Most notably, DinoLingo allows children to learn a foreign language by employing the total immersion method where common phrases and vocabulary are used hundreds of times without interruption. Words are presented to the listeners in at least 4 different contexts to trigger the child's memory development.

DinoLingo charges $18.99 for a monthly subscription.

Little Pim

Little Pim is known for its Entertainment Immersion Method which uses short 5-minutes videos to engage a child's natural love of play and learning through repetition. The more they watch, the more they learn. The program is specifically designed to promote language learning for children from ages 0 to 6.

Little Pim leverages a combination of animated and live-action videos that features Little Pim, an adorable cartoon panda that serves as the child's teacher. Each episode follows a unique child-friendly theme that includes eating, playtime, and even talking about your feelings.

With 12 languages to choose from, Little Pim can teach your child around 360 words and phrases--providing a foundation for language learning.

Little Pim charges $4.99 for a monthly subscription.


Muzzy is the world's leading language program for children developed by language experts at the BBC. Muzzy teaches children a second language through having them simply watch the fun Muzzy movies and playing online games. The secret of Muzzy is children love the movies and don't even realize they are learning a new language.

Children have a natural ability to learn a new language and Muzzy was created with that in mind. Muzzy's cartoons use the natural immersion method which is designed to teach children the same way they learned their first language. Each successive episode builds off of the previous episode which allows your child to naturally learn a second language.

For over 30 years, Muzzy has introduced millions of kids around the world to new languages. Muzzy teaches Spanish from Spain and Latin America, French, English, Chinese Mandarin, German, Italian, and Korean.

Because of the school closings, Muzzy is now giving all subscribers access to the 38 homeschool lesson plans for free (valued at over $150) and over 200 printable puzzles and mazes for kids to help them pass the time at home.

Muzzy charges as low as $3.29 for a monthly subscription.


With DuoLingo, for only 15 minutes a day, you can learn a brand new language. While this approach may not exactly work with children (unlike Muzzy), DuoLingo prides themselves on a simple and intuitive user interface that facilitates learning at the touch of a button.

DuoLingo rewards and motivates users with each passing lesson. Users can watch their fluency level improve right before their eyes as they master new words, grammatical devices, and phrases. DuoLingo is better suited for adults as opposed to children with a recent study suggesting that 34 hours of DuoLingo is the equivalent of one university-level language course.

DuoLingo charges $9.99 for a monthly subscription.

Overall Verdict: Muzzy

Out of all of the online learning subscriptions mentioned above, our favorite for children is Muzzy. Muzzy is uniquely tailored to children through its immersion learning process. The service is more like a cartoon than it is a lesson plan so your children are more likely to actively listen (especially now that they're out of school). Language learning has been proven to dramatically improve a child's development including higher confidence, higher test scores (ACT & SAT), better career opportunities, and improved reading ability.

There is also a limited window of opportunity for children to learn a new language before age 10. During the first decade of life, your brain is wired to learn languages, so learning a second language comes naturally and more easily. And once that window is closed, it gets harder and harder for someone to learn a new language every year.

While DinoLingo and Little Pim are also designed for children, Muzzy is still the best choice. All three programs use a natural immersion method, yet Muzzy remains the highest quality and cheapest option.

Muzzy is a complete language learning program with the most engaging characters, plot, and educational content of any competitor. Kids have loved it for 30 years, and we are confident that your kids will love it too (not to mention there is 30-day money-back guarantee makes this a risk free option for all parents).

If you're looking to give your child the best start in life, we recommend you stick with Muzzy for its immersive lesson plans and credited history of success.

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