Muzzy Is The Easiest Way To Entertain Kids Around The Holidays

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The holidays are a really busy time for me. Between preparing dinners, shopping for gifts, and keeping the kids entertained while they're off school - it's all go go go.

And this year, it was my turn to host the annual family dinner, so I was going to be even busier than usual.

In the last few years, I've found that the easiest way to keep Zoe and Ben entertained is to park them in front of the TV - as long as they're watching cartoons, they'll stay quiet.

But I'm trying to be more conscious of what my kids are consuming, and I'm always trying to minimize their screentime–looking for advice from a fellow busy mom when she told me about Muzzy.

She said it's an award-winning language learning program designed to both educate and entertain your children. It's developed by experts at the BBC that use cartoons to teach kids, as early as preschool, how to speak a new language.

I'd read about all the benefits that language learning can have for young children: higher test scores, improved problem-solving abilities, and enhanced career opportunities.

Plus, my friend told me there's a specific window of opportunity to learn a new language - before the age of 10 because your brain is wired to absorb a second language as easy as a first. So if Zoe and Ben were ever going to be bilingual, now would be the time for them to learn.

I'd looked into sending the kids to classes, but it turned out to be really expensive. So, when I heard about Muzzy, I really hoped it might keep my kids occupied as well as give them all these life-long benefits.

Muzzy has 7 different language options and teaches children of all ages up to 1,200 words and phrases through streaming videos and online games, songs, and worksheets.

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I was just worried that it wouldn't be entertaining enough to hold my kids' attention (they sure do love the iPad, too). But when I went on the Muzzy site and saw there was a 30-day money-back guarantee, I thought I might as well try it.

I bought the online subscription for the Italian language since we have some family in Tuscany. I felt great knowing I would be providing my kids with hours of guilt-free screen time.

The whole program only costs around $5 a month for a year, and you can access every episode, with or without wifi, on any device (computer, TV, tablet, phone, you name it!).

I figured I'd show my kids the show after school the next day - just in time for the kids' winter break from school, and they were so excited to try it! I was a little apprehensive, not sure how they would respond to it or if they would actually be entertained - My kids can get a little hyper at times, and sometimes it's a challenge to hold their attention.

I popped it on right away to watch some of it with them. I was surprised to see that it reminded me of some of the cartoons they watch every day.

They were mesmerized by it, just as they would be while watching Spongebob. The perfect solution to keep them busy while I got stuff done over the holidays.

During their break, the kids sat and watched Muzzy every day, and I actually managed to clean the entire house, prep 4 courses for the annual party, and wrap presents. And when it came to the big day, and all the family members came over, the kids were even able to show off some of the new Italian words they learned.

There's nothing cuter than a 6-year-old greeting you with "Buon giorno!"

Now that the holidays are over, I feel good about the fact that the kids were able to stay entertained with Muzzy. I'm surprised at how quickly they are picking up the language; they've even been teaching me some words! If I keep this up for them, they'll be able to converse in Italian soon.

I didn't think my kids would love Muzzy as much as they do, but it has turned out to completely surpass my expectations.

With all Muzzy's benefits, I'd recommend it to anyone who has young kids and wants to give them a better future, as well as keeping them entertained.

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