Muzzy’s Language Course Is The Best Way To Keep Your Child Learning This Summer

I am so ready for summer. I say this every year, but this year I mean it. I am done with the driving, I can't wait for activities to end, and I am beyond over homework. Just as visions of phoning in parenting for two whole months danced in my head, counting pool dips as showers, and basking in the warm glow of fresh bowls of microwaved macaroni and cheese, it happened: My oldest child came home from school with a letter. A Suggested Summer Assignment List. I almost recycled it immediately, sparing myself the shame of finding it in August and being reminded of all the things I failed at as a mother and did not do. Good thing I didn't.

Studies show that the average child loses a month of academic-calendar learning each summer. As parents, we all know—and get repeatedly told—that our kids need to keep reading over breaks, but this note clearly stated why: kids who don't keep up with literacy skills can fall as much as two years behind their classmates. But math work is equally important, teachers noting they see greater academic dips in the subject. Yikes. So much for my plan of "we can just bring a book to the beach." But did I really have it in me to be the schoolwork enforcer over the summer, when my kids barely listened to me about doing assignments during the year? One of the items recommended was Muzzy BBC, an online language learning course designed for children. I tried it, and now am here to tell you 5 Reasons Why This Summer, Muzzy Will Be Your New Best Friend.

Language-Learning Is An Amazing Reading Tool.

Here was an online subscription to a site that offers movies, games, and songs in six different languages. It felt like the teacher was phoning it in. Que pasa? The Muzzy BBC site explained: When learning a new language, children have an elevated awareness of language as a tool, and therefore strengthen and develop reading skills. In other words, time spent on Muzzy was working on reading, sneaky! They would be learning up to 1200 words and phrases.

Your Kids Will Actually Like It.

I read Muzzy BBC described as "award-winning" and "loved by millions of children." It is the official language-learning program of Sweden and Denmark—but these Swedes don't know my kids. I worried my son, the king of Roblox, and my younger daughter, a master at unicorn chef, would {groan} think this was boring, and be on to my plan of sneaking in work over the summer. So I tried the free preview and showed a language-learning movie to my son. He loved it. He was fully immersed in the funny story and didn't even realize he was learning a language by reading subtitles.

It's Good For Kids of All Ages.

The online subscription got me access to games and songs that were great for my younger daughter, who is not quite an independent reader yet. Research shows there is a limited window of opportunity for children to learn a new language before age 10. During the first decade of life, your brain is wired to learn languages, so learning a second language comes naturally and more easily. And once that window is closed, it gets harder and harder for someone to learn a new language every year.

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Your Kids Won't Realize They're Getting Magical Math Help.

Bilingual students excel with high scores on standardized tests and are more successful in math than students who know one language, which is nice to know on those July nights when you're not drilling long division.

You Can Say "Adios" to Wet Towels.

Children who learn a second language become more effective communicators, enhance memory, cultural awareness and listening skills, which means your children might just might, actually acknowledge you when you ask them to pick up a wet towel off the floor.

Overall, with Muzzy, my kids are continuously entertained and get in their "screen time," that I don't feel guilty about because it's sneaking in valuable, educational work. Thanks to Muzzy BBC, the only slide we'll be seeing this summer will be twisting into a pool!

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