Halloween Can Be ‘Ruff’ On Dogs

Photo by Karsten Winegeart on Unsplash

Thinking about being original and dressing up your pup for Halloween? Turns out, it ain’t so original, no matter how kooky those dog costumes look!

According to a recent survey published by Rover, 79% of pet parents plan on decking out their pet in Halloween attire, 50+% are considering trick-or-treating with their pup, and 70% think their dogs will stand at the door dropping candy into trick-or-treaters’ pumpkin-shaped buckets.

Pets strutting about in Halloween costumes sure may be entertaining to you, but there can be physical - and even psychological - consequences. And all for a few TikTok reels or Instagram posts.

How can something so...cute...create such havoc in the hearts and minds of our four-legged friends? Well, ill-fitting costumes can cause distress and even choking; noisy crowds can stress our sweeties’ nervous systems. And then there’s the chocolate – a huge no-no for canines.

The bottom line: if you’re going to dress up your pet, make sure you do it safely.

For some helpful hints, check out these tips from The School for Dogs:

  • Make sure costumes aren’t restrictive — Esp. around the chest and throat
  • Watch out for potential choking hazards — Buttons, pompoms, trim
  • Ensure your pet doesn’t overheat — Go with fabric that breathes
  • Consider your pet’s age and physical limitations
  • Never leave a costumed pet unsupervised
And if you must — simply must — do the doggy costume thing, make wearing it fun! Give your pet lots of praise, treats, and attention.

After all, you have no idea who they idolize, who they dream of being — Scooby-Doo, Pup-O’Noodles, Barbie, Queen Elizabeth - the Queen Mother?

Why risk it? The safest place for your pet is nestled beside you on the couch, eating pup-corn and watching horror movies. With the front porch light off and the curtains closed. Ignore the doorbell. Just ignore it…

Save the costumes for the humans.

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