Here's My Experience With Eight Sleeps Pod Pro

My sleep schedule lately has been, frankly, horrible. I've been doing the whole no coffee after 3pm, no-screens-before-bed, counting sheep thing and still, I can't sleep. Sure, some nights my mind is racing because so much is happening in the world, but maybe if our bedroom wasn't a sauna, it would help.

We upgraded our bedroom A/C unit, but I still felt like I was sleeping on the surface of the sun.

It's especially awful because sleep is such a foundation for everything else - I haven't been working out as much as I use to, I only have enough energy to watch tv… everything's kind of on pause until I can figure this out.

After another night of tossing and turning, and my wife was begging me to try meditation again, I wondered if there was an ever better solution - what if my mattress was cool?

I'd heard of cooling mattresses before, but figured I would always save research for when I was ready to buy - so I did some research and found the Pod Pro by Eight Sleep.

At first glance, it looked like the tech mattress of my dreams. The Pod Pro is a cooling smart mattress that analyzes your sleep patterns to curate your perfect sleep schedule and microclimate.

But I want to go back to one word: cooling. The Pod Pro has temperature control access for each side of the bed, so I could sleep in the arctic, while my wife can stay in the Americas.

The Pod Pro has five layers of premium foam that alleviate pressure points and help with spinal alignment, so I wouldn't just be sleeping on a hard ice cube. A new mattress is a big purchase, but with 100 free nights, my wife and I felt there was no risk in trying.

When it arrived, I felt relief - maybe I'd finally sleep tonight. We set up the mattress, fresh sheets, and our apps surprisingly quickly. I set my side down to the iciest temperature and jumped on the bed to feel it cool down.

Not to be dramatic, but it was the greatest feeling of my life. I would get to sleep on firm, but gentle ice.

I set it to the lowest setting, and my wife let it choose one for her - after enough nights, it would recommend the perfect temperature, using a holistic approach; the technology can note the temperature of the room.

I slept so well. I know that, because I woke up feeling completely rested, in the most gentle way possible; you can set The Pod Pro to begin your wake up with a vibration at chest level, gradually warming up the mattress before the alarm.

Who knew I needed not only a bedtime routine, but a wake up routine?! My wife told me he also had an incredible night sleep.

With this newfound energy (if I could feel this good every day, I'd be a superhero), I finally went for a run for the first time in way too long, and I didn't feel like I was craving those 3pm cabinet snacks.

I love being able to control everything from my phone, too. The Eight Sleep app measures everything from heart rate to, sleep time to toss and turns, to develop a full sleep plan for us, and track our overall health.

With this new sleep method, and my wonderfully cold bed, we are unstoppable during our waking hours.

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