5 Reasons Our Editors Think HelloFresh Is The Number One Recipe Box!

What separates a good dinner from a great one? For us, our ideal dinner should be packed full of flavour, fresh ingredients but also shouldn't take hours and hours to prepare.

While we certainly love cooking a roast on a Sunday, dinner during the week needs to be quick. In the last year, more than a few of our editors have fallen into the same routine: relying on takeaways and frozen food during the week. While this is ok from time to time, we really needed to find a better solution to our weekday ruts.

We needed something that would work for our busy schedules but that would also deliver on flavour. Sure, we've heard the hype surrounding recipe boxes, but there are so many out there we really didn't know where to start. We're sure you're in the same boat, and that's why we're here to help you cut through the noise.

When on the quest to find the perfect recipe box that hits on all of our needs, one that kept popping up stood out more than the rest: HelloFresh.

HelloFresh has over 35 mouth-watering recipes to choose from every week, and once you have made your selection, they'll send you all the pre-portioned ingredients and step-by-step recipe cards right to your doorstep.

We were sold on the sheer amount of recipes on offer, but there are so many reasons we're loving HelloFresh. Here's are top 5

1. Choice of recipes

None of us like eating the same thing every day, we love to experiment and explore. That's exactly what HelloFresh gives you. With new recipes every week, you are never left stuck for choice. You can explore different cuisines and try new foods you never would have thought of trying before.

HelloFresh also has Street Food favourites, Dinner to Lunch options, Premium recipes and even recipes that only take 20 minutes! You can enjoy the BBQ Sausage Cheeseburger with Slaw & Wedges one day, explore Indian inspired meals through the North Indian Style Lamb and Lentil Curry with Rice and Spinach or visit Mexico with Mexican inspired Chicken, Halloumi and Pepper Skewers with Wedges and Zesty Soured Cream.

2. Convenience

You can't beat the convenience of a HelloFresh Box. It has everything you need for delicious dinners delivered right to your door. HelloFresh personalises your box - you select the number of recipes you would like to receive (3, 4, or 4), as well as the number of servings for each meal(2,3 or 4), then pick your recipes and that's it! Every box comes with pre-portioned ingredients and easy-to-follow recipe cards that make dinnertime a no-brainer.

3. Skip the supermarket

HelloFresh sends you everything you need, even spices and seasonings. We found that we drastically reduced the number of times we went to the supermarket since we started using HelloFresh. Dinner comes to us, and we love that!

HelloFresh sends the exact amount of each ingredient you need, so you can also feel good knowing you're cutting down on food waste, too. Plus, it saves you time not having to measure out everything.

4. Affordable

HelloFresh Boxes are not just good for you but for your wallet as well. Their meals start at £1.57 per serving.

5. Flexible

HelloFresh plans are all flexible, you can skip a week, pause or cancel anytime. It is the perfect recipe box.

If those reasons weren't enough, HelloFresh is the first global carbon-neutral recipe box company that commits to offsetting 100% of direct carbon emissions.

Stop stressing about dinner and give HelloFresh a try. With global recipes, fresh ingredients and affordable plans, it's the dinnertime solution we've been searching for, all wrapped up in a box!

Update: The folks at HelloFresh are extending a special offer to our readers! Follow this link to get upto 50% off your first four HelloFresh Deliveries

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