Wedding Shapewear That Will Make You Feel Sexy & Confident

Wedding bells are ringing, the flower arrangements are in order, and I’m pulling out the best-of-the-best bridesmaid dresses from the back of my closet.

Wedding season is in full swing. Over the next few months, many of my friends are either tying the knot or throwing an engagement party – and you know what that means? Huge celebrations and amazing outfits.

I’ve gathered a bunch of gorgeous dresses over the years, but they just don’t look the same on me these days. TBH, I’ve added some curves.

I read that shapewear could help smooth things out and shape me up, so I picked up some Spanx. Their fit was good when I pulled them on and the side paneling didn’t squeeze. But over the course of the night, they rolled down and revealed visible lines – which was super uncomfortable and embarrassing.

My best friend’s getting married and I’m one of the bridesmaids, so I had to find something that actually works. I almost bought SKIMS, but online customer reviews mentioned that they’re not worth the price. Then I heard from the other bridesmaids that they’ll be wearingHoneyloves next-level Sculptwear. It’s designed to make women feel comfortable, confident, and sexy.

Skimming through their site I noticed that their models are all different shapes and sizes, demonstrating just how inclusive the brand is. Honeylove has a quick quiz where you can input your measurements, so it's foolproof.

Honeylove is completely transparent about its products. Their pieces undergo rigorous testing for 1-2 years and use real women so all their pieces are super effective and comfortable. Plus, they only use the softest premium fabrics.

They offer bras, shorts, tanks, briefs, bodysuits, and even shaping thongs. While Honeylove seemed like a reputable brand, I still had some doubts. Would it roll down while I was dancing? Would it be visible under my dress?

My bridesmaid pals are psyched about Honeylove, so I went ahead and ordered the SuperPower Short for my first bridesmaid’s dress of the season. If it didn’t look or feel right, at least Honeylove has a 30-day free returns policy.

They offer so many fantastic colors — Vamp, Runway, Rose Tan, Cinnamon, and, my favorite, Sand. Pulling the shorts over my thighs was a breeze — no constriction at all. The shorts cinch me in all the right places, yet I can still breathe. I cannot believe how small and sleek my waist looks!

Honeylove's SoftFlex structures in the side seams work to keep it from rolling. There’s no poking, bunching, or pinching. It literally smoothes out everything. The quality is outstanding — no need to continuously adjust cause Honeylove won’t budge.

I’m a complete Honeylove convert, so I picked up other Sculptwear pieces: the SuperPower Brief which looks fabulous with an A-line dress; the Liftwear Cami is ideal under a blouse; and their Crossover Bra is stunning for those dresses with a sinking neckline.

Now that I have Sculptwear I love, I can’t wait to celebrate my friends’ wedding, toast the bride and groom, dance my booty off, and — of course — catch the bouquet. Because that is just how confident my Honeylove Sculptwear makes me feel!

Wedding season is here! So, pick up a few Honeylove pieces today and dance the night away in all those extravagant gowns and dresses.🚨JUST FOR YOU: Our friends at Honeylove are giving our readers a special offer! Buy one item, get 20% OFF the rest of your order + FREE shipping on all orders over $100!🚨