Honeylove: My Ultimate Fall Fashion Confidence Booster

As the leaves start changing from green to autumnal golden hues, I get super excited. Gone are sundresses and sandals — it’s time for fall fashion!

But cozy tops and chic pants don’t look (or feel) right without quality undergarments. Enter Honeylove

  • Honeylove’s sculptwear collection specializes in shapewear and lingerie.
  • Their innovative and inclusive designs are made with high-quality materials and advanced shaping technology.
  • They also make clothing, such as tops, pants, and even sleep & loungewear.

I’ve tried before to step out of my fashion comfort zone (oversized sweaters and pants) and lean into more elegant styles. But my past struggles with shapewear — the constant tugging, rolling, and general discomfort — always led me to give up.

When asking a friend for a solution, she recommended a brand that transformed how she felt when donning her favorite outfits: Honeylove.

Specializing in next-level sculptwear that’s designed to make women feel confident, sexy, and comfortable, Honeylove carries everything from bodysuits and shorts to bras, underwear, and leggings. All in sizes from XS - 3XL.

I wasn’t sure if Honeylove would be any different from other shapewear brands, but their tagline — “Shapewear That Won’t Roll Down” — gave me hope.

There was only one way to find out, so I took the plunge.

Here’s what I ordered:

1. The Tank Bodysuit in Runway | $99

I needed something to wear under my fitted jumpsuits and dresses, which is where Honeylove’s Tank Bodysuit comes in.. It sculpts my waist so nicely and completely smooths all my lumps and bumps — even the dreaded back bulge! It also comes in Sand (nude), Astral (white), and Vamp (black).

In addition to being soooo comfy, this bodysuit comes with a built-in bra that provides wire-free bust support. I can wear it under a T-shirt or my new favorite bodycon dress and not feel one bit self-conscious — win! I’ve worn it all day, from the office to date nights, and never once had to excuse myself to the restroom for awkward readjustments.

2. The EverReady Pant in Stormy Blue | $109

Bottoms that feel like leggings but look like a classy pair of slim-fit trousers, the EveryReady Pant are the perfect all-purpose pants for fall. Their interior shaping panels sculpt and conceal in all the right places, while being so comfortable they feel like a second skin.

They also pair well with pretty much anything — I can dress them up with heels or wear them with my favorite sneakers, making a super versatile everyday item that will take me from fall all the way to spring. They also come in Charcoal and Jet Black.

3. The SuperPower Shorts in Runway | $89

Although I’ve grown to love my legs, I wanted to feel as confident as possible when rocking my new fall jumpsuits — and these shorts are the perfect solution. Their targeted compression sculpts without squeezing, plus the flexible boning means they stay in place.

By leaving space at the waistband and leg hems, Honeylove has avoided the dreaded “muffin top” effect you can get with traditional shapewear. The breathable panels make me feel secure while the bathroom-friendly opening is a game-changer — both stylish and functional.

Bonus factor? These shorts come in Sand, Black, Rose Tan, and Mocha, which means they are a true superpower undergarment that can be worn under pretty much any color clothing item.

Final Thoughts

I am so happy I found Honeylove. Their pieces are well designed, ulta-flatting, and make me feel sexy — even in outfits I’ve never had the confidence to wear. I’ve been getting tons of compliments!

And the comfort factor is unparalleled. Honeylove has solved the dreaded roll-down of traditional shapewear by using flexible bones in the side seams. They hold the garments up without any poking or pinching on my sides — a shapewear dream come true.

Ready to check out Honeylove for yourself?

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