How hundred's Customized Vitamins Help Me Feel My Best

I'll admit it; I have no clue what vitamins I'm supposed to be taking. My diet is up and down depending on my mood (what girl's isn't, right?), and my method for selecting supplements has always been to go with the prettiest bottle or the cheapest option. I figured the more vitamins you take, the better you're bound to feel, right? I thought that all vitamins were generic, and therefore, the same quality. Boy, was I wrong.

Maybe I didn't pay enough attention in biology class, but I truly had no clue that our bodies can only absorb a certain amount of vitamins in a day. When I felt particularly run down, I'd pop an extra B12, or drink, like, 3 of those Vitamin-C packets. Whoops - what a waste of money! It turns out; this was doing me no favors. After doing a little more research, I was shocked to see that many big-name vitamin brands use poor quality ingredients, and only care about meeting the FDA's legal minimum requirement. Horrified at the sheer amount of money I'd wasted over the years, I started looking into the best vitamins, and that's when I discovered hundred.

This customized vitamin brand is unique because it focuses on your overall health goals, as well as any vitamin deficiencies you may have. Their website is like a forum with a bunch of features that can help you overhaul your lifestyle. First, I took a quick quiz about my stress levels, habits, exercise routine, diet, as well as the health goals I wanted to achieve. From there, Hundred's team of expert dietitians curated vitamin suggestions just for me. Every pill they recommended came with a full list of ingredients, information about where it's sourced from, as well as an explanation of why they'd suggested it. Plus, they only use the highest quality ingredients that your system can absorb better. I also love that they have free delivery, and you can pause, cancel, or change your vitamin mix at any time.

My pack had vitamins that I'd heard of before, like a B12 complex and Iron. I'd taken these supplements in the past, but Hundred has done extensive research into the right dosage amount and sources the best ingredients, so I was confident my body would receive exactly what it needed. They also recommended a Pre-Probiotic. I'd never heard of this before, but I was excited to see how if it would help with my digestive and immune system, and stress. Lastly, I chose to add CLA, which contains caffeine. It's designed to boost metabolism and give you an energy kick. These came in a separate bottle because you don't need to take them every day if you don't want to.

I signed up for the 6-month subscription because it was the most inexpensive option. Also, it can take up to 3 months for your body to fully adjust to the vitamins, so I wanted to incentivize myself to keep up the habit. When my Hundred order arrived, everything was pre-measured into daily packs that had my name on them! No thinking required.

After a few weeks of taking my Hundred vitamins, I could already feel the difference. In addition to taking my vitamin packs every day, I was able to go on their site and see yummy food recommendations and lifestyle tips. If you have any questions, registered nutritionists are available to provide 24-hour support. I get everything I need for just $1.50 a day, only cents more than what I was paying for low quality brands. So worth it!

With Hundred, I not only have just the right amount of high-quality vitamins my body needs, but also a place where I can check in regularly for tips and recipes to help me feel my absolute best. I really feel like I've made a positive lifestyle change - I'm so much more attuned to my body's needs. Maybe I'm spending a little more on vitamins each month, but now I'm actually doing my body a lot of good. Plus, I love having all of that help and information available on their site whenever I need it. That really helps me stay on track.

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