If You’re Skeptical About Home Chef - Read This

The last year was truly crazy. My kids – Lilly and Phil – kept me busier than ever between full-time sports, playdates, and the constant picking up and dropping off. I’m sure every mom knows what I’m talking about – it’s challenging to handle work, kids, school, the household, and dinner…

Dinner took the backseat last year, for sure. Once 5 pm rolled around, I was far too exhausted to drive to the grocery store, and then prep and cook meals my children may not like. Our dinners typically consisted of takeout or something ultra-basic I’d throw in the oven. And, yes, it made me feel horrible.

But not this year – this year I promised myself that we’d eliminate frozen meals and greasy takeout altogether.

Fellow moms in my friend group insisted that I sign up for a meal kit service to make dinnertime a breeze. “ It’s life-changing, trust me!” was their mantra.

But I highly doubted my kids would get behind it – they’re such picky eaters. And considering that Home Chef delivers everything we need for the week right to the door, I figured they’d cost a fortune.

My friend explained that Home Chef meals only cost $9.99 per serving on average. Then I read that they have the highest customer satisfaction rate among leading meal kit companies, so I was intrigued.

And when I saw their generous offer of 75% off my first order and 60% off my 2nd and 3rd orders, I had to give Home Chef a try.

The sign-up process is so quick. I simply created an account, chose my preferences, and selected my favorite recipes from their weekly rotating menu.

I was thrilled to find 30+ meal options! Many meals are completely customizable. This allows us to select our preferred proteins like Impossible Burger, steak strips, shrimps, salmon filets, antibiotic-free boneless skinless chicken breasts, and more.

I couldn’t wait for our first box to arrive. And when it did, I jumped right in! My kids pulled on aprons and were excited to help since I let them choose their own meals.

We started with Lilly’s dish – Chipotle BBQ Shrimp Tacos with Pineapple and Poblanos – which barely took 15 minutes to make. I love it that their Oven Ready meals arrive with fresh, pre-portioned ingredients inside an oven-safe tray that require little-to-no preparation. Not to mention that there’s hardly anything to clean up afterward!

The next night we tackled my son Phil’s Teriyaki-Sriracha Chicken. Phil followed the instructions, popped it in the oven, and voilà! It was ready in about 25 minutes. Honestly, the oven literally does all the work. It makes me so happy that my family now finishes up every last bite night after night.

I can’t believe that cooking fresh food every night is this simple. By delivering pre-portioned ingredients right to the door, Home Chef cuts down on our food waste and saves me tons of time. We’ve cut down on trips to the grocery store. I no longer have to bother about brainstorming recipes. We eat so much healthier now. And we’re saving money!

My Home Chef experience is exactly as my friends described: life-changing. It’s fantastic to sit down with my family and enjoy dinners over lots of chat and laughter. Thanks to Home Chef, our dinnertime routine is finally on track.

If you want to cook fresh meals without the hassle, I can’t recommend Home Chef enough! Their Oven Ready meals are truly next-level!

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