Our Editor's Review Of Honeylove's Top 3 Products

Today our editors will be reviewing Honeylove— the innovative Sculptwear brand that’s doin’ it better than legacy shapewear industry titans. To find out about the products, our editor’s first impressions, and the final verdict? Keep reading…

1. The Products

Honeyloveoffers a line of inclusive Sculptwear, bras, and tops designed to provide support, comfort, and mega confidence.

We will focus on their 3 biggest bestsellers:

2. First Impressions

We were curious about their patented Sculptwear tech and whether it’s truly different from the other big name brands. Could the Spanx standard be improved upon?

Some major problems we’d encountered in the past with shapewear include: bulging, unflattering seams, waistbands rolling down, shorts riding up, straps digging, itchy fabric, and too-tight compression.

Even with Honeylove’s glowing reviews, we still weren’t convinced it was actually that much better than the competition. But our research on their website was promising.

Here’s what we first adored about Honeylove:

The Superpower Short’s Runway colorway is a super-flattering, crisscross, black mesh that delivers sex appeal even before the high compression. Then there’s the sweat-wicking fabric, the XS-3X inclusive sizing, and SoftFlex boning that prevents the dreaded roll-down.

The CrossOver Bra is a supportive, underwire-free bra with serious support and adjustable straps for the perfect fit.

The LiftWear Cami combines the best of both worlds with targeted smoothing comfort and support.

We were starting to get the hype so we ordered the products ourselves to see if these were really worth it. Note: Honeylove offers free 30-day returns!

3. The Verdict

Our order arrived right on time and we got down to work. How did we test the products? A bandage-style dress and a dance-off to T-Swift’s Midnights.

The SuperPower Short is even sexier in person. It’s super-structured for serious support that calls attention to your posture. You’ll stand tall, without feeling like you’re trapped or that you need to suck in! Despite the dancing, the waist won't roll down and the legs don't roll up — amazing! These are event-proof.

The CrossOver Bra feels like a bralette, but looks like a bra (I know-I know. It sounds too good to be true, but it is). It’s supportive of larger chests and super comfy. It’s 2022, why are we still wearing underwire bras?!

The LiftWear Cami is so cute on its own, but easily fits underneath a dress, especially in the neutral colors. It provides all over support with no bulging, no digging, and a super silky smoothing fabric.

With these three superstars, it’s impossible to pick a standout product. Especially since they all have a different function, but the SuperPower Short is simply perfect. We also discovered that we’re so much more confident wearing shorts under a dress! That extra bit of coverage is fantastic.

Bonus: If your dress is on the shorter side or you’re looking for other cuts, Honeylove has the same tech in thong and brief options.

Yes, Honeyloveis worth the hype! Stock up for parties and events, or just for comfier, everyday Sculptwear — you won’t regret it.

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