Old-Fashioned Baby Names Are Back

Everything old is new again, and that means baby names, too. 2021’s Top 10 Baby Names for boys and girls in the U.S. featured some old-school names creeping in that anecdotally seem to be ranking even higher in 2022.

U.S. Social Security Administration

Emma and Liam have been recent mainstays, but hello Evelyn, Harper, and Theodore! What’s with the vintage Victorian vibes?

For one, there’s something called the 100 Year Rule. There’s a theory that popular names have a 100-year turnaround; if this were true, the top names would be closer to Robert, John, Mary, and Dorothy.

Then there’s the #cottagecore trend, still going strong with millennials of baby-birthing age.

In a world where technology threatens to commodify every aspect of life from birth to death, Charlotte conjures an aspirational life of picking wildflowers in a glen.

Finally, we may or may not have a recession in the works. For those of us who were old enough to go clothes shopping in the late 2000’s, you know it was the time of business casual. Less job stability = more formal everything (see: the hemline index). It’s a trend that could inform parents’ choices for baby names.

A professional, formal name looks “good” on a resume.

All in all, parents pick names they like, and ‘90’s babies aren’t going for names that were popular when they were younger; if you grew up with 12 Jessicas in your class, it's likely that one of them tainted the name for you.

Popular culture’s rife for name inspiration, but so is the past, hence all the baby Benjamins.

Just because the names are old-fashioned doesn’t mean your parenting has to be. Every day there are new brands popping up with your little tots in mind, and here are three our editors think should make it onto the registry.


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