Read This If You’re Skeptical About Honeylove Sculptwear

Until recently, I owned one piece of shapewear; a corset for my wedding dress. I wore it once and my favorite part was taking it off. I was never a fan of traditional shapewear because I always found it too uncomfortable and restricting.

But when I started seeing ads on my Instagram feed featuring different shapewear pieces, I was intrigued. There were way more brands and styles out there than I had thought. While I didn’t want anything too intense like a corset, I could certainly go for something that gave me support and a confidence boost, especially for some events coming up.

I checked out Spanx’s collection but wasn’t a big fan of their cuts, and Skims’ pieces didn’t seem to have the tech I was looking for. I was about to give up when I found Honeylove – a brand that pairs innovative tech with flattering silhouettes.

They call themselves a Sculptwear brand and made it their mission to design comfortable pieces that still shape your body effectively, without sacrificing style – this sounded exactly what I was looking for. I also liked that they’re size-inclusive, offering XS to 3X. They even have a size quiz that helps you find the perfect fit for your body.

Honeylove offers more traditional cuts, but what caught my eye was their bodysuits. I ordered their Cami Bodysuit and Tank Bodysuit, which both feature an underwire-free lift. To be honest, I was a little skeptical about the fit with no underwire, but since Honeylove has a 30-day return policy, it was worth a try.

When my package arrived I dropped what I was doing to try them on and I was shocked - they fit like a glove! I absolutely love the compression panels that provide a seamless fit and comfort. To my surprise, I really enjoyed not wearing a bra. I still felt the support I needed, and I was able to breathe.

The straps of the suits didn’t dig into my skin like bras do. The Cami Bodysuit features an adjustable gusset that lets you achieve your perfect length. I could even wear them as a top. The Tank Bodysuit comes with a beautiful mesh design on the front. It looks great under a blazer and makes a perfect outfit for a night out.

The quality is spot on. I can tell that their products really do undergo rigorous testing for 1-2 years and are tested by real women to ensure maximum comfort and effectiveness. I haven’t felt so good in my skin wearing a dress in forever. Honeylove smoothes my stomach without squeezing in the wrong places. I’m obsessed!

If you’re looking for Sculptwear that delivers results without feeling restrictive and uncomfortable, you must try Honeylove. It was definitely not the last time I ordered from them!

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