Read This Before You Try the Sleepy Girl Mocktail

When tech bros and athletes practice rituals catered to wellness and longevity, we call it biohacking. When girls do it, it’s silly, frivolous, and even vain. But no more. Thanks to the year of the girl, women are taking back things that we have been so long shamed for — from bows and Barbie to the color pink and silly little drinks. Like the sleepy girl mocktail.

A girl and her comfort beverage should never be underestimated. It’s why we make a whole trip, and even a whole personality, out of our coffee shop trips. It’s why microtrends have been built around cult-favorite water bottles. Sure, part of this obsession with bevs is about hydration, but mostly it’s a fixation that we can’t even explain.

The prevailing logic is that we need at least three drinks at the same time: one for hydration, one for energy, and one for fun. For example: my desk right now holds a Stanley cup filled with water (I’ll risk the lead poisoning at this point, that’s how attached I am to my Stanley), a matcha, and an Olipop. I’m covering all my bases. The golden ratio.

It was inevitable that creators would turn the concept of having silly little drinks into something else entirely. But while some things are ruined by TikTok, others are life changing. Where would I be without the validation I get from the little treats trend? In this case, it was the latter. Creators have started teaching their loyal followers how to maximize their drinks for different purposes.

For example, raspberry leaf tea can help soothe period cramps. And hydration accelerators are great hangover cures. But nothing has taken off like the sleepy girl mocktail.

What is the Sleepy Girl Mocktail?

Though many people just started talking about it, the Sleepy Girl Mocktail has been making rumblings since March 2023. In February, it went viral.

I started hearing rumblings of how tart cherry juice could help send me to a peaceful, dreamless sleep a few months ago. Then, with the popularity of mocktails spiking thanks to January, the sleepy girl mocktail emerged as a bedtime drink alternative to a glass of wine. Instead of knocking you out, the sleepy girl mocktail claims to help you fall asleep while getting rid of bloating. But does the Sleepy Girl Mocktail work?

Sleepy Girl Mocktail ingredients

A sleepy girl mocktail usually contains these elements:

  1. Tart cherry juice: An antioxidant-rich drink that helps your body relax and sleep with natural ingredients.
  2. Magnesium Powder: An alternative to melatonin to help you sleep that supports overall body function.
  3. Sparkling water OR prebiotic soda like Olipop or Poppi: To make it fun!

Sounds harmless enough. And delicious. So why are some experts urging you to rethink your new favorite nighttime drink?

Is TikTok’s Sleepy Girl Mocktail safe?

While making this pre-bed ritual is probably safe, and some do experience better sleep, for many, it might have the opposite effect.

Experts are divided on whether Sleepy Girl Mocktails are a godsend or another harmful TikTok trend (RIP Tide Pod era, you will always be famous).

Here are their concerns:

  • The big bad ingredient: sugar. Lots of it. The combination of the tart cherry juice and the probiotic soda add a lot of sugar to your body right before the buzzer. As we know, sugar isn’t conducive for sleep. So if you’re sensitive, skip this one.
  • Many people use the wrong magnesium supplement in a sleepy girl mocktail. I’ve walked the magnesium aisle too — it’s so intimidating! Magnesium citrate, for example, can upset the stomach. However, magnesium glycinate is easier for the stomach to absorb, so it is the ideal supplement for a sleepy girl mocktail.
  • And now comes the fun part: the probiotic. Despite claims, drinking a carbonated beverage before bed can cause bloating and increase the chances of heartburn. It’s also bad for your teeth.

Should I try the TikTok Sleepy Girl Mocktail?

I think you should try this drink based on taste alone. This yummy beverage falls under the little treat category, for sure. However, as a sleep aid, there’s no telling how your body can react. So, try the sleepy girl mocktail with caution. Listen to your body. If you experience bloating or insomnia, maybe put the cherry juice down.

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