The Best 2024 Spring Nail Trends

Spring has finally sprung. The flowers are in full bloom. And as the weather changes, so do the fashion trends.

The seasonal change-up in style isn’t limited to our wardrobes, though. For those of us who love to express ourselves through fashionable aesthetics, selecting the ultimate nail color can be a tough choice. Because there are so many shades and designs to choose from, it can be insanely difficult to land on merely one option.

To make things easier, we’ve listed some of the trendiest nail colors and styles we’re seeing in the Spring of 2024. Which trend speaks to you the most?

Mix N’ Match Nails

Fortunately, Mix' n Match nails are a terrific option for those who have trouble making decisions. If you find yourself unable to land on one simple aesthetic for your Spring nails, you can always switch it up with this flashy style, where you’re offered a different color/look for each finger.

You can get creative with Mix N’ Match designs. Ultimately, the choice is yours. Yet if you want to keep it on par with the Springtime theme, be sure to stick to lighter colors. This breezy, warm time of year is all about soft hues that are light and airy. Think yellow shades, peachy colors, cream, and lilac.

Pretty in Pink

Pink is a classic nail color and absolutely ideal for the Spring season. With the blossoms in full bloom, who wouldn’t want a nail color that matches all the beautiful flowers that only emerge at this time of year?

Of course, there are a passel of pinks to choose from that can drastically affect what you’re going for. Wanna embrace the Y2K Barbie look – still incredibly trendy even in the Spring of 2024 – go for the “statement” hot pink shades like Pink BIG, Punchy Pink, Let Me Bayou A Pink Drink, or Pink-ing of You.

If you want a more traditional Spring shade, go for a pastel pink color. It’s all up to you.

Lovely Lilac

Lilac is a gorgeous nail color all year round, but it’s especially lovely in Springtime. Considering that lilac flowers tend to bloom at the end of April/beginning of May, why not get a shade that goes with these fantastically fragrant plants?

Sunny Yellow Glow

After a cold, grueling Winter spent indoors, Springtime promises sunny days to go out and play. So, go with yellow since it evokes feelings of lightness and joy. Keep it simple this Spring with spritely yellow fingernails.

Funny Bunny Nails

Whether you celebrate Easter or not, there’s no denying that Springtime is the season of the rabbit. So why not celebrate this time of year with Funny Bunny Nails? This neutral white color is so fresh and naturally conjures a clean, fresh vibe.

Glazed Donut Nails by Hailey Bieber

Glazed Donut Nails have been all the rage for a couple of years now. But they’re hotter than ever since Hailey Bieber revived this sweet trend for her Met Gala ‘22 look.

Glazed Donut Nails come in multiple colors ranging from light nude to the shade of a chocolate-glazed donut. But it’s most known for its classic pearly white look.

Aurora Nails

Aurora Nails are impressive because they have a 3D effect due to holographic foil that changes color as you move your nails. A step up from the Glazed Donut look, they’re reminiscent of the Aurora Borealis, otherwise known as the Northern Lights. Simply sensational!

Bubble Bath Nails

Bubble Bath Nails are a fabulous addition to the minimalism/clean-girl approach. If you want to strip down your look in exchange for a sophisticated “Quiet Luxury” vibe, hop on the Bubble Bath Nails Express.

This luscious nail shade ranges from white to pink and reminds one of a cozy soak in a warm bubble bath. Insert: Chandler Bing saying, “I’ve had a long day.”

Lip Gloss Nails

Like Funny Bunny and Bubble Bath Nails, Lip Gloss Nails are yet another addition to the clean girl/minimalist fashion trend. For those who want a more natural look that’s all about cleanliness and simplicity, this glossy, shimmery hue is a perfect addition. This trend is deffo intended to match your favorite lip gloss shade.

Timeless Red

@anjanad15 red nail theory is fr a thing ❤️🤌🏼
♬ original sound - xxtristanxo

Some nail colors are simply timeless. Regardless of the season or the latest shift in trends, Classic Red is here to stay. Red is – and always will be – the statement look.

Red gives off a ton of power and sensuality. In fact, according to a viral TikTok trend called “Red Nail Theory” – red is the nail color that most attracts men.

Latte Nails

Latte Nails are amazing come Autumn, but they’re marvelous all year round. This latte-colored shade is super sophisticated and breaks the mold when it comes to same-old, same-old Spring shades. So grab your favorite iced coffee and test out this rich shade.

Nail Freckles

Sometimes, you just want to switch things up and lean into your artistic side. Nail Freckles are a great way to show off your unique sense of style.

Groovy, Baby!

70s-themed nails are truly en vogue in 2024. From lava prints to peace signs, there are endless options for this decade-themed nail trend. Bust out your best pair of vintage sunglasses and floral boho mini-dress while rocking this retro style.

Cow print

It’s no secret that Western wear is the number one trend at this very moment. With Beyonce’s recently released Cowboy Carter album and Lana Del Rey’s Lasso record on the way, we’re taking it straight to the wild wild west, baby. Embrace the cowboy trend with these awesome Cow Print nails!

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