No Time? No Problem — Tempo's 4-Minute Meals Save My Busy Work Schedule

I’m a proud workaholic and get enormous gratification from a job well done. But to be totally honest, deciding what to eat for lunch — and dinner — has become a total nightmare.

My major trouble was time. Let's be real: I don’t have 45 minutes to whip up elaborate meals when I’m juggling deadlines, meetings, and business travel. So takeout for dinner and sad desk lunches were a constant.

Traditional meal kit services didn’t work out for me

I've dabbled with about 7 different meal kit services in the past. Some meals were a hit, and some were a definite miss — tofu pork chop pasta, eww. In the crowded world of meal kits, I needed a culinary superhero to zoom in and save the day.

So I tried a pre-made meal solution: Tempo

A few months ago, a work buddy suggested I try a pre-made meal solution instead of traditional meal kits that send you the ingredients and recipes. Karl was raving about how Home Chef — ranked #1 in customer satisfaction among leading meal kit companies — recently launched their new brand — Tempo.

Fresh, protein-packed lunches and dinners to my door

Karl mentioned that their fresh, chef-designed meals are delivered right to his door and are ready to chow down in only 4 minutes. Tempo's line of prepared meals include protein-packed, calorie-conscious, and fiber-rich recipes. They perfectly suit individuals struggling to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Over 20 delicious recipes every single week

Tempo's weekly menu offers a rotating selection of 20 delicious, single-serving options. A standout feature is Tempo’s commitment to providing balanced meals packed with protein and delivered fresh, never frozen. Made with real ingredients, Tempo’s fresh, nutrient-rich meals make it easy to eat my veggies and meet my protein goals.

Prep-time: 4 minutes!

But it's not just about the convenience, let's talk about the prep — or should I say, the lack of prep. 3 minutes in the microwave, a teeny, one-minute siesta, and voilà — you've got yourself an Instagram-worthy meal. And Tempo really helps me with portion control — calorie-conscious meals are under 600 calories per serving — a terrific strategy to help me reach my fitness goals.

From feel-good classics to vegetarian delights

Their meals taste awesome! From feel-good classics like Beef Meatballs au Vin to vegetarian delights like Garlic Sesame Cabbage and Edamame with sweet potato noodles. And not to forget mouthwatering gourmet meals like Apricot Herb Glazed Turkey — I’ve enjoyed every single Tempo meal I’ve tried so far!

Flexible subscription

The super convenient subscription model allows me to customize the number of meals that fit my week. Should I need to skip a week when I travel, I update my plan in my profile settings and I’m back in control.

Only $10.98 per serving

Now, for the budget-conscious folks — hello everyone — Tempo won't burn a hole in your wallet. It starts at only $10.98 per serving — what a steal compared to the outrageous cost of dinners out, delivery apps, or buying groceries that end up stinking up the fridge.

Healthier eating habits, thanks to Tempo

In the few weeks since I joined Team Tempo, my eating habits have done a 180. I save time, money, and I’m crushing it at work.

So, if you want to stick to a balanced diet of protein-packed, calorie conscious, pre-made meals, without breaking the bank or losing your sanity, Tempo's got your back.

Cheers to Tempo, the unsung hero of busy professionals who want a tasty meal without all the fuss!

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