We Tried The Bed, By Thuma. Here’s Our Review

My partner and I love celebrating the holidays. We always go all out with our gifts—last year I got a Nespresso machine, the year before, a professional camera.

But this year we wanted to take a different approach. We decided to team up and invest in something we both needed. We thought about it for a long time—if we were going to give up our usual gifts this year, it should be for something worthwhile.

We settled on getting a new bed since we’ve had the same one for ages and it was starting to creak. Plus, it didn’t exactly go well with our bedroom aesthetic.

When we began our search, we didn’t realize how difficult it would be to find the perfect bed. We wanted one with a wooden frame that looked unique and would be easy to assemble. We looked through so many catalogs, but all the beds looked too generic.

During an online search, we came across The Bed, By Thuma. This bed was unlike any other that we’d seen. In fact, it’s made from 100% upcycled rubberwood, which is not only sustainable, but each bed has its own unique grain pattern.

The Bed comes in a Natural or Walnut stain, and although it was minimal, it had a warm aesthetic. The Bed also comes with The Pillowboard in either a Light Linen or Dark Charcoal linen-weave cover, which are interchangeable and washable.

We knew the wood was sturdy, but we were worried about the assembly. Usually, sturdy furniture like this takes a lot of drilling and different tools to build. That’s why we were happily surprised when we read about how Thuma uses a Japanese joinery technique, which helps make assembly so easy!

Perfect platform bed frame
Minimalist design and quality craftsmanship
Get Cozy With The Bed, By Thuma

Even though I was a little skeptical about whether it would really only take 5 minutes to assemble, we decided to take the plunge and order The Bed since it checked all of our boxes. It arrived on time and we appreciated that the packaging was all completely recyclable and didn’t include any styrofoam.

We were eager to put this Japanese joinery to the test. Each piece of wood is perfectly designed to lock into the other pieces, so we were able to assemble it in minutes without any tools needed! I was surprised at how easy it was.

Once it was assembled in place, we couldn’t help but admire The Bed. It’s the type of piece that would look good in any bedroom, no matter the aesthetic. Plus, there’s tons of under-bed storage space that we didn’t have with our old box frame, so we were able to get rid of so much clutter around our room!

The legs have pre-applied cork-padded bottoms for floor protection, the edges have smooth corners for shin protection, and the slats are cushioned for superior support and noise reduction. And after sleeping in The Bed a few times, I can confirm—no creaks at all!

We’re so glad we took a different route when it came to gifting this holiday season. Instead of buying novelty gifts, we got something that we needed and will last us a lifetime. If you’re in the market for a new bed, I’d highly recommend The Bed, By Thuma.

Get Cozy With The Bed, By Thuma