Vuori Vs. Lululemon: Who Offers The Best Activewear?

As someone fully committed to working out, I'm constantly stocking up on activewear. I used to shop for non-branded sports bras and leggings because I didn't believe overpriced performance wear would feel any different.

However, I got tired of being drenched in sweat after every workout - not to mention how the cheap materials chafed my skin. I was ready to spring for high-quality activewear, even if that meant spending a bit more.

After a ton of research, I settled on two brands: Vuori and Lululemon. I decided to try both to see if their fabric actually performs as advertised. Is it really worth the extra cost? Here's my honest opinion:

Key Similarities

  • Both carry activewear
  • Both use premium fabrics
  • Both have a range of sizes
  • Both offer performance-driven styles
  • Both strive for sustainable activewear

Key Differences

  • Vuori leggings start at $84 – Lululemon leggings start at $98
  • Vuori focuses on activewear – Lululemon also sells Yoga mats, the MIRROR gym, and even shoes
  • Shopping at Vuori is super easy – Lululemon activewear quickly sells out, which can interrupt your shopping experience


Vuori piqued my interest due to their wide range of streamlined designs and versatile styles. You can literally find anything - from leggings and joggers to shirts and shorts! Their activewear is made of premium, recycled fabrics, featuring moisture-wicking tech, 4-way-stretch, hidden zip pockets, and so much more. It all sounded great. Still, I was skeptical about it making an actual difference.

I ordered the Daily Legging, Halo Crop Top, and Performance Jogger. Everything was available in my size, and I was thrilled that there are so many different truly unique colors!

As soon as my package arrived, I tried the clothes on and couldn’t believe how incredibly soft the materials felt. Every piece is so lightweight. The fit was spot on and seems to “streamline” my entire workout look. Have to be honest, everything looks great on me.

Of the three, the Daily Legging is my favorite pick. It's high-waist and has a super-cute drawstring tie. The fit is beautiful – I definitely want to wear these daily! With its flattering v-neck, the Halo Crop Top features a light-support, built-in bra with removable cups and is excellent when combined with either the Daily Legging and the Performance Jogger.


Lululemon has been on my radar for quite some time. How could I miss it? What with everyone wearing it at my gym and countless influencers promoting it on my feed? My big question has always been: is it worth the price?

While scrolling through their product selection, I noticed that their products are so similar. Everything seemed basic- basic. Of course, the leggings I liked most weren't available in my size or preferred color. So I was forced to settle for the Lululemon Align™ High-Rise Pant combined with the Lululemon Align™ Tank Top and the Scuba High-Rise Jogger.

Although everything fit fine and felt comfortable, I didn't like how the Scuba High-Rise Jogger silhouette. After two days of wearing it, it became bunchy and baggy. Honestly, it’s too sloppy to wear even at home.

The leggings were soft and comfy. I adored the fit and feel, but after wearing them to one yoga class, the material started pilling - I was pissed!

Final Thoughts

Vuori’s the clear winner for me. Their activewear is premium quality and looks just as awesome - if not more so - for a fraction of the cost! Frankly, Lululemon left me disappointed because at their prices, I expect far more.

If you're looking for athleisure wear that makes you look as fine as it performs, you have to check out Vuori. Their clothes will support your every move!

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