The Girl Behind The Hair: Matilda Djerf

It happened last weekend. After receiving the standard “where are we eating tonight” group text and deciding on yet another “trending spot in Soho,” I got ready for another dinner with the girls.

Going into my closet, I was drawn to a classic, white linen button-up, a breathable-yet-classy choice for the summer heat. Pairing the top with wide-leg pants, a summery sandal, and a shoulder bag so tiny it could barely fit my wallet, my outfit was complete.

After giving my hair an at-home blowout and styling my freshly-cut curtain bangs to perfection, I strutted out the door. The last of my friends arriving at the restaurant, I noticed it immediately. Our loose-but-chic button-ups, our voluminous hair, our tiny little useless purses, they were all the same. Sitting down at the table, we looked like the same person in different fonts, the elements of our outfits only differing in color.

For this, I have no one but the beautiful Matilda Djerf to blame.

Hailing from Sweden, Matilda Djerf is an influencer and designer whose style has taken the summer by storm. With a whopping 2.5 million Instagram followers, her influence is indisputable as she frequently shares her effortlessly chic outfits with her adoring fans. Whether rocking a tube top with a maxi skirt or a simple tee with baggy cargo pants, her looks are always a perfect balance of trendsetting and timeless.

If the name doesn’t ring a bell, her Pinterest-famous hair should. Before I knew who Matilda was or followed her Instagram, I knew that hair. When I say Matilda has the most voluminous, beautiful blonde hair I have ever seen, that is still somehow an understatement. Somehow always blown out and framing her face impeccably, it’s her hair that influenced my own curtain-banged cut.

Although her hair is her Hallmark, Matilda Djerf wears many different hats (all of which are metaphorical because who on earth would put a hat on that hair). Along with being a Scandinavian style icon, she has her own clothing brand called Djerf Avenue. Her online storefront sticks to the basics, selling high-quality, neutral-colored designs to build a capsule closet that will never go out of style. With plenty of laid-back looks to choose from, the brand saves her fans from the online clothing search and delivers designs straight from Djerf.

Plain and simple, Matilda is the blueprint. With every new outfit she posts, I find myself scouring the internet for clothes to recreate her looks myself, and I’m not the only one. Even amongst my close friends, we’ve all found ourselves adopting elements of her style into our everyday fashion. She’s even infiltrated our language, using Matilda as an adjective or stating “it’s giving Matilda” when our outfits are especially influencer-esque.

If you think you or a loved one has been impacted by the influence of It-girl Matilda Djerf, here are a few signs and styles to look for:

Can’t Stop Wearing Linen

Matilda has single-handedly brought linen back into style this summer. Once a material saved for coastal grandmothers and Europeans on boats, Matilda has made linen chic again. A simple, summer staple, linen adds an element of sophistication to the laziest of looks, which explains why I’ve seen everyone in it this season.

Whether in the form of a button-up, a pant, a short, or, even better, a matching set, if it’s linen, it’s giving Matilda.

70’s Curtain Bangs

While a modern-day curtain bang absolutely owes credit to Farrah Fawcett’s 1970s feathered waves, I can almost guarantee anyone with the cut now got it because of Matilda Djerf. Why do I know this is true? Because it’s exactly what I did. Unlike some more regrettable bangs from my own past, this timeless cut is undeniably cute and adds an amazing dimension to your hair.

No matter the inspiration, a curtain bang absolutely gives Matilda.

The Return Of The Tube Top

If I haven’t made it abundantly clear from the praises I’ve sung, I love Matilda’s choices. But reviving the tube top… why did she have to do that? I’m not saying I’m mad at her for this trend, I just would’ve appreciated a top with straps that I don’t have to pull up every five minutes.

But sometimes fashion does have to triumph over function, and this trendy Y2K top gives big Maltida energy, allowing for a coveted line-free tanning experience.

Colorful Claw Clips

If there’s anything Matilda knows, it’s hair. So when there’s a post with her locks pulled up into a colorful claw hair clip, it’s time to run to the store and buy one for yourself. What I love about this fashion statement is that it’s both fashionable and functional, keeping your hair cute and out of your face. Even better, it allows the style-watcher to follow hair trends without committing to a permanent cut.

Hair accessories like this are great for girls on the go and, dare I say, is giving Matilda.

Blazers In The Club

Much like Djerf herself, the blazer has a powerful effect. Whenever I see someone wearing the jacket, I immediately think they’re more put together than they likely are.

So when I saw Matilda Djerf wearing an oversized blazer on her Instagram, somehow looking more put together than she already does, I knew I needed one. Whether paired with jeans or a dress, a sleek blazer elevates almost any look.

The classic jacket has made its way from the office to the streets, so next time you see a girl wearing an oversized blazer in the club and think to yourself, “that doesn’t make sense,” instead think “it’s giving Matilda.”

With these summer styles all over the sidewalks, Matilda Djerf has proven to be a force of understated, “cool girl” fashion. If you’re ready to transform your closet, and maybe your life, I highly recommend giving her a follow.

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