Putting Joint Pain In The Past - Why I Switched To NativePath's Krill Oil

Editor’s Note: After years of putting my body through the wear and tear of the golf course and daily runs, my joints are inflamed and feel broken down – especially my knees. It wasn’t so bad that I’d have to visit the doctor or start PT, but the grocery store's generic OTC fish oil brands weren’t cutting it. That was until I found NativePath

Before NativePath

My buddies and I do our best to stay active. From monthly golf weekends to my local running club’s 5Ks, I have to be out getting my body moving – and getting those endorphins.

I imagined an athletic and healthy lifestyle would save me from living out my dad’s endless complaints about his head, shoulders, knees, and toes, but unfortunately, I got the man’s joints. Anytime I go into a slight bend, there’s a twinge in my knee. And when I get up after sitting down at my desk, the pain shoots straight through my kneecaps. It’s made me wince more than a few times.

And at night? Forget about it. I was icing and using different topical treatments, but the groans from the pain were enough that my wife told me to see a doctor. But I didn’t want to deal with hefty bills, the insurance mess, or missing those inevitable weekly PT appointments.

So, I hit the drugstore and headed to the supplement aisle. I heard fish oils were supposed to be great for joint health and inflammation – and they were pretty cheap – so I grabbed a bottle to see if they’re worth the hype.

Short answer: they aren’t. I went golfing with my friends and still had stiffness and pain in my knees. On top of that, I now had to deal with the nasty fish flavor that lingered all day. My buddy Kevin noticed my game had dropped a bit and could tell I was hurting. When he asked how I was doing, I gave him the whole spiel about my joints and fish oil. That’s when he told me to ditch the generic fish oil and check out NativePath’s Antarctic Krill – it’s the only product that relieves his joint pain.

Antarctic Krill – it’s the only product that relieves his joint pain
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After NativePath

Once Kevin told me about NativePath, I immediately hopped on my phone and looked up their Antarctic Krill Oil. Tons of customer reviewers say it works better than their typical fish oils, while others claim it alleviates joint pain within a matter of days!

Unlike fish oil, krill oil contains astaxanthin which is a powerful antioxidant that eases inflammation. Astaxanthin works to help everything from reducing joint pain, improving vision and blood flow to the eyes, fortifying your immune system, lowering high blood sugar, and can even work as an inner sunblock. NativePath also sources its krill from the deepest waters in the Antarctic Ocean so it’s free of contaminants, toxins, and heavy metals. Plus, its formula does still include a high concentration of EPA, a specific form of Omega-3.

The reviews were too good to ignore – and so are the benefits – so I went ahead and added-to-cart.

I’ve been taking NativePath’s Antarctic Krill Oil for two weeks now and it’s life-changing! I take one pill in the morning and one at night and actually watch the inflammation disappear and my pain vanish. And those are just the visible results. With consistent use, Antarctic Krill Oil also helps support long-term brain and heart health, mood, and even metabolism.

I never thought I’d be a supplement guy, but the benefits are so exceptional that I’ll never skip my daily krill. My swing is back and my legs now take me over those 5K finish lines in record time. And it’s all thanks to NativePath.

Bundle and Save Up to 66%

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