Why we should all be more like puppies

Puppies are great in their own right. They are little bundles of fluff and love that seem to have boundless energy. They are our best friends, our cuddle buddies, and our walking companions. So what are they doing right that we've got all wrong? Here's how we can all be a little bit more like our favorite pets.

1. They've always got your back.

Or, more often, your shoe in their mouths. But puppies really are out there to protect their owners and make sure nothing fishy goes on (unless of course, it's fish for dinner…). Puppies just want to be loved and they will stick by your side even if you take them to the vet all the time and are a bit stingy on the treats. They're always just happy to be around.

2. They're excited about pretty much anything.

New toy? New kind of kibble? Mailman? Your puppy just cannot contain itself. To have this boundless enthusiasm for seemingly simple things is a wonderful trait, and helps us appreciate all the little things in life.

3. They don't sweat the small stuff.

Puppies are not worried about finances, the future, or any of that scary stuff. The most they worry about is there next trip to the groomers. Keeping in mind that puppies live for the moment and don't have irrational fears, we can do the same in our own lives. Of course, that still means you have to pay the rent on time.

4. They're affectionate.

We're not telling you to lick all of your friends, family, neighbors, and random people you meet on the street, but being more affectionate makes oxytocin bloom in the brain. And that feels good.

5. They make friends with everyone.

Stop being so picky and intolerant. Everyone has redeeming features, and your puppy is out to find goodness in even the most sinister-seeming people.

6. They could care less about politics.

Your puppy does not care who the next president is. We think you should, but don't get so crazy about it.

7. They like to run. A lot.

Exercise is so important to being healthy in body and mind. Take walks outside and smell the roses.

8. They have strong senses.

Be aware of your surroundings and take the time to notice the sensations around you. It's easy to have your head buried in your phone and ignore the little wonders right at your feet. Smell them all in. (But don't go putting your nose in other people's business.)

9. They're obedient.

Follow the rules, and you too, will be rewarded.

We're not telling you to go out and put a leash and collar on yourself, but take a few hints from your puppy. They can teach you all about how to enjoy life, make best friends, and be happy.

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