Beauty Cleanout! 10 Beauty Products To Keep, 10 To Ditch

Every year, I get this itch to get rid of everything I’ve ever owned. It’s like, once New Year’s hits, I feel the need to make drastic changes. Cue the urge to declutter — especially because I am something of a collector.

I love all things fashion and beauty. I try out every new product that influencers deem their “Holy Grail”, I’ll purchase that pair of buzzy sneakers (within reason), and I most certainly will keep up with any fashion trends.

I like to think I do it for you, dear reader. Don’t you absolutely need to know if beauty influencer Mikayla Nogueira was lying about L’Oreal Telescopic mascara? Or if celebrity brands are really worth the money? But even I have to admit that TikTok can be a little too influential sometimes.

With the dawn of TikTok shop (the Gen Z QVC), there’s always a newer, hotter, “better” product begging you to reach for your wallet. Today, it’s the Jelly Blushes peddled by Milk Makeup. Tomorrow, who knows?

The truth is, you’re probably going to order from Sephora (or Ulta) soon. I know I will. Therefore, in an effort to stay organized, I live by the “One In, One Out” method: for every new item purchased, an old one has to go.

But the issue for hoarders like me is that I have trouble distinguishing what isn’t necessary in my crowded collection. What if I need that eyeshadow palette with that specific shade? Or that (probably expired) concealer I haven’t used in a while?

If you want to do a beauty cleanout, here are 10 viral products to keep this year, and 10 to leave behind:

What Beauty Products To Keep:

@nicoleisgod the BEST concealer on the market @Hourglass Cosmetics ♬ original sound - nicole

Hourglass Concealer - Dreamy, creamy, dare I say better than Kosas? If there’s one concealer to keep forever, it’s this one.

Saie Dewy Blush - Highly pigmented, easily blendable, and clean. Saie blushes can be used on your lips and cheeks for a flush of color…and the new shade “Baby” is my favorite.

ILIA Mascara- I always swore I’d never buy a non-drugstore mascara…until ILIA, which gives both volume and length. My lashes have never looked better.

GrandeLash- Tried and true, I will never stop recommending GrandeLash. It’s the best for lash growth, doesn’t irritate your eyes, and everyone is jealous of my lashes.

Makeup by Mario Ethereal Eyes Palette - I’m not one to buy a million eyeshadow palettes, but Mario gets it right every time. With perfect neutral mattes and a few glitter shades that reflect the light, you don’t need another one.

Huda Beauty Setting Powder - I didn’t want to love such a viral product, because it always is sold out. But the Cupcake and Cherry Blossom shades are perfect for brightening and staying set all day.

rhode Peptide Lip Treatment - While Summer Fridays is more accessible, I prefer the Salted Caramel rhode Lip Treatment to anything. It’s giving Brazilian Bum Bum Cream in a lip gloss/balm hybrid.

ILIA Skin Tint - I’ve hated a lot of foundations, but this one never fails me. Good for your skin, contains SPF, and a go-to summer skin tint. ILIA is on the list twice for a reason!

Youth To The People Cleanser - Don’t waste your time on gimmicky skincare routines. YTTP Superfoods Cleanser is dermatologist recommended and leaves my pores feeling tight after each watch.

Skinfix Moisturizer - First of all, it has the pump packaging so you don’t waste product…plus, it’s dermatologist-tested and clinically proven to work.

What Beauty Products To Ditch:

@noelleglammua_ Do whatever you want but don’t say I never told you nothing- my favorite no makeup day combo @drunkelephant @colleenrothschild ##fyp##drunkelephant##drunkelephantskincare##drunkelephantbronzedrops##bronzedrops##foryoupage##beautyhacks ♬ original sound - Noelle

Fenty Beauty Matte Foundation - I love Fenty, but this dried out my skin. It caked. It hated me. And I love a good matte foundation, but this wasn’t the one for me. Try Ri-Ri’s other products instead.

Charlotte Tilbury Moisturizer - Don’t let the TikTok girlies tell you that this $100 moisturizer will change your skin. While it’s fine, it’s not the best on the market. Even Tatcha is cheaper!

Refy Red Blush - You have to move quickly with this one. I got the Red Set during the Sephora Sale…and while it’s highly pigmented, it can be so hard to blend.

Primer, In General - A scam. Do you ever see Patrick Ta using a primer, let alone selling one? Most makeup gurus prefer a highly moisturized base, so just skip this extra cost. Set your face well enough and what’s the need?

ICONIC London Skin Tint - ICONIC London does a great shimmer, but this made me look sweaty. I was constantly glistening like Edward Cullen when he stepped out into the sun (derogatory).

Sol De Janeiro Delicia Drench - Some of the Sol De Janeiro scents I could do without, and this is one of them. Nothing will ever beat Bum Bum for me.

GrandeLash Mascara - Recommended to me by a friend, I thought this would be life-changing for me…but I still prefer L’Oreal Telescopic or ILIA.

Drunk Elephant Bronzing Drops - Can we admit that this doesn’t really make a difference?

Laura Mercier Tinted Blush - I got this in a Sephora Favorites set. How Sephora could deem this a “favorite” is beyond me. Imagine putting on blush and it not showing up at all, and that’s what this is.

Expensive Eyebrow Products - If you’re using anything but e.l.f., NYX, etc., I’m under the impression that you’re wrong.

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