Why Hubble Makes the Best Daily Wear Contact Lenses

Let us tell you why you should switch to Hubble

You know your eyesight is failing you when you start identifying friends as, "Blurs that look like friends," or when you start playing the game of, "How far away can you stand from a sign before you can no longer read it."

Some people take immediate action, scheduling eye doctor appointments and getting prescriptions for lenses. Others, wait it out. Not because they think they're going to cure their vision somehow but because they simply don't think it's worth it.

Eye exams, getting contacts or glasses, putting them in daily or having to worry about losing your frames. Some think it's easier to see the world as blurry rather than get involved in the whole optometry rigamarole. That is, until they hear about Hubble. Hubble makes the best daily wear contact lenses. They're affordable daily lenses that are shipped to your door and require a single doctor's visit for a year's supply. It's so easy that even those who've been holding out can get on board. Here's what you need to know.

There's a difference between daily wear lenses and disposable lenses.

If you're new to contacts, the first thing you need to know is that there's a difference between "daily wear" and "daily disposable." After wearing your lenses all day long, you take them off before going to bed because they're not FDA approved for overnight use. But being "daily wear" does not necessitate being "daily disposable." You might have to replace daily wear lenses daily, weekly, monthly, or even quarterly (a particularly extended wear!). It simply depends on your contact lens wearing schedule.

Additionally, "disposable" isn't used interchangeably with single-use. Sometimes daily wear lenses are used for upwards of two weeks while still being called disposable. It's only when the lenses are explicitly called "daily disposable" that they're taken out and thrown away every day.

There are many reasons to use daily disposable contact lenses.

Protein, calcium, lipids, and other naturally occurring compounds that makeup tears can collect in your contacts, which leads to discomfort, dry eyes, and increases the likelihood of infection. And no matter how much you clean your lenses, deposits will continue to occur and collect. Additionally, for many people, wearing lenses overnight leads to eye problems. Daily disposable daily wear lenses sidestep these risks by being worn only during the day and then getting tossed.

Hubble can help you find an eye doctor!

If you don't already have an eye doctor, Hubble will help you find one! There's no quid-pro-quo between Hubble and these eye care professionals (and these aren't free visits!). These are just professionals who will prescribe Hubble contacts if and only if they deem Hubble's lenses to be what best suits your needs.

No physical prescription? Don't worry! Hubble will confirm the details for you.

All lenses require a prescription, which includes details like power (the strength of the correction needed for each particular eye), base curve (the back curvature of your lenses, helps keep your contacts from falling out), diameter, etc. And if you don't have a physical copy of your prescription, don't worry! After choosing your lenses and indicating the power for each eye, just select your eye doctor from Hubble's database, confirm the other details, and Hubble will reach out to your doctor to make sure everything's copacetic! And when your prescription is about to expire, Hubble will, with your permission, contact your doctor to make sure the prescription is still valid and accurate.

Hubble's lenses all have a single base curve and diameter, which isn't unusual. They'll work for people with no or mild astigmatism (astigmatism is when your eye deviates from a spherical curvature, leading to distorted images). The possibility exists, however, that you'll need more particular lenses, which is why Hubble confirms with your doctor. Hubble doesn't yet offer lenses for astigmatism or multifocal contact lenses, but they plan to acquire both.

Hubble makes getting daily disposable lenses easy.

"I can see clearly now-or not. The latest on corrective eye surgery, " isn't a particularly catchy tune, but it does capture many people's reservations about LASIK. Hubble makes things so easy you may not even want to get the surgery. You only have to see an optometrist once a year to get the best daily wear contact lenses from Hubble.

After that visit, Hubble will deliver a month's supply of daily wear lenses straight to your door. That means you never have to worry about running out and you don't have to make any unnecessary trips to the eye doctors. And if you don't wear lenses every day, don't worry! You control how often your shipments arrive.

Hubble is affordable.

The best daily wear contact lenses will only cost you $30 for a month's supply plus $3 for shipping. That's significantly less than the cost of getting coffee once a day or seeing a movie at matinee prices once a week. So now money's no obstacle, which means that if you want to hit up the cinema, the feature presentation won't be blurry!

Hubble is well made.

Hubble's contacts are made by St. Shine, an FDA-approved contact lens manufacturer with over 20 years experience. St. Shine is responsible for billions of lenses that have been worn worldwide. The finished product is of the highest quality thanks to cutting edge injection molding and the rigorous tests and inspections that lenses are subjected to.

Hubble is easy to put in.

Your eyesight is bad enough as it is and now you've got to put something into your eye?! Don't worry, Hubble's got you covered. Their lenses are designed with your comfort in mind. They are made from a from high-quality methafilcon, a hydrogel material, Hubble's soft contacts have 55% water content, UV protection, and are designed for easy insertion. But just because Hubble comes with UV protection doesn't mean you shouldn't protect your eyes from the sun. There are so many options for protecting you eyes. Uhh Can transition lenses be cool? The answer is yes!

Hubble's environmentally friendly.

You don't need 20/20 vision to see that climate change is real. That's why it's easy to appreciate Hubble going out of their way to make packaging that's 100% recyclable (you also don't create more waste since you don't need contact lens solutions). It's just another way Hubble continues to go the extra mile when providing the best daily wear contact lenses around!

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