Discover The Personas Behind PHLUR's Fragrances

Scents can open up new worlds, and even a new you. I've always been intrigued by how a perfume is created -- how the ingredients are sourced and selected, and how perfumers build a scent until it's just right. But, have you ever wondered why you never see the ingredients listed on fragrance bottles? Like really -- what's in those things?? Maybe it's because companies don't want you to know what's actually in them. Big brands develop scents with undisclosed ingredients, bottle them up in wasteful packaging, and place an expensive price tag on them. Hard pass.

Luckily, there's one company that's finally calling the big guys out and changing the game: PHLUR. PHLUR creates scents using mood boards, music, images, and more so that the scent becomes an experience for your senses. The fragrance line works a little differently - they're hypoallergenic for sensitive noses and skin, cruelty-free, vegan, sustainably sourced and packaged with recycled materials. They make clean scents that are a safer alternative to those found in most bottles you pick up at the mall and never have potential endocrine disruptors like parabens, phthalates, BHT, nitro-musks or phenoxyethanol in their product.

But high quality and environmentally responsible scents don't have to cost more. PHLUR offers you a month's supply of three different scents of your choice for just $18, so you can try on different personas through an array of scent profiles. I tried the Ameline, Hanami and Moab scents, and each transported me to a completely different world and evoked a simple, pure sense of joy. Now, this was something I could get behind and look forward to wearing every day. The kits allow you to try each scent for extended periods of time because smells change throughout the course of a day and the only way to make the best choice is to really go on that scent journey (not by getting a swatch card shoved in your face at the mall). PHLUR fragrances are designed to evolve throughout the day - so it's only fitting that you would try it on your skin first to discover your favorites.

Feed your wanderlust without leaving home. Check out the aspirational personality each of the PHLUR scents evoked in me…..


Hanami is an elegant scent for the modern minimalist. It's clean and fresh with notes of fig and white florals for the Swedish designer in you that obsesses over the sleek point of a newly sharpened pencil. It's a balcony overlooking the Alps in the spring, the tidy beauty of a Japanese zen garden, and the joy of a sweater right out of the dryer, wrapped up in one perfectly understated scent.


The smell of danger is in the air: it's exciting, spontaneous, and even a little sexy. Are those notes of clove, pepper, and vanilla? Yep, the Moab is a scent for the cowboy in you, the adventurer heading West who won't stop until they get to where they're going. Inspired by a road trip through the desert, it will help give you bravery to manifest your own destiny.


Améline is a scent for romantics and dreamers. When your heart is in Paris in the springtime, even if the rest of you is in Cincinnati in the dead of winter. There is a Spotify playlist filled with Billie Holiday and other classic romantics to get you in the right headspace. Go ahead and have champagne and macaroons for dinner, sometimes what feeds your heart are the delicate, sweet things in life.

PHLUR's environmentally friendly, hypoallergenic scents are disrupting the perfume industry. Check out more scent profiles, including mood boards and playlists, on their website, and inspire yourself to make day dreams a reality with an $18 luxury kit of three scents.

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