I Tried This Juice Cleanse And I'm Never Looking Back

I'll be the first to admit it -- I like food, I love to eat, and I really love sweets. Problem is a little pastry here and there or the usual caramel latte in the middle of the afternoon to get me to the end of the day can quickly add up. I can have all of the good intentions in the world, but when I come home exhausted from work, I reach for the most comforting and convenient foods I can get my hands on. These "little" indulgences and takeout orders have left me looking, and feeling, simply not my best self.

Every birthday, I make a personal promise to improve one area of my life for the better. This year on my 34th birthday, I decided to prioritize my health and finally quit my bad eating habits. After doing a little reading online, I settled on trying a juice cleanse as my first step in the right direction, and most importantly, that's how I discovered Lemonkind.

Lemonkind Superfoodsoffers a reset plan of juices that are jam-packed with worldly ingredients designed to reboot your entire body. The blends are all made up of fresh fruits and veggies that are natural, non-GMO and anti-inflammatory. They have a 1 or 3-day plan, and each day you get to drink eight juices, designed to be delicious and filling. With ingredients like organic acerola, whole-grain vegan protein, and turmeric, the 3-day plan is designed to jumpstart your metabolism and that sounded like the perfect way for me to start my 34th year!

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The 3-day juice plancame just in time after a weekend of birthday cakes and parties. After trying the Vibrance juice the next morning, I was pleasantly surprised at how yummy and satisfying it was. The green tea extract gave me a ping of energy to start the day, and the mango + cucumber + peppermint combo flavor was cool and refreshing. I was initially nervous about starting a 3-day juice cleanse, but with a juice every two hours, the first day flew by without me feeling hungry or deprived at all!

By day two, I was feeling more motivated and in control of my health than I had in a very long time. It felt so good to be filling my body with the nutrients and vitamins that it needs, it was almost as if I was nursing it back to health. Plus, just taking a break from my usual sugar and sodium intake made me way less bloated and gave me more energy. I took an evening yoga class at the end of the day, and for the first time in years, I felt good about my wellbeing and motivated to make this feeling last.

I woke up on day three in just a generally great mood after a great night of sleep and felt like my stomach looked flatter than it had in years. I started researching some wholesome and delicious recipes that I could make after my 3-day plan was over--eating healthy felt great and I really wanted to stick with it. I felt so inspired that I even joined my local gym! After getting a taste of how it felt to take better care of my body, I was determined to not slip back into old habits. I still have my little indulgence here and there but I see them more like rewards than anything else, and as a whole, my diet has definitely improved.

Since my birthday, I've turned to Lemonkind's Superfood again, doing a 1-day juice plan in preparation for my friend's wedding. It feels great knowing that I can still eat food, but now I actually reach and even crave fruits instead of pastries. Every so often when I feel like could use another reset, I can always count on Lemonkind's juices to give me a little boost when I need it and to get me back on track.

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