I Was Skeptical About Buying A Mattress Online Until I Found Lull


After five years in the same tiny apartment, I'm finally moving into a place where I can relax and feel comfortable.

During the move, I decided I deserved a new mattress.

I'd been sleeping on the same spring mattress for years, and I didn't notice how lumpy it was until my friend and I were bringing it up the narrow stairway of my apartment building.

All my friends are going with the new bed-in-a-box delivery trend, but I was skeptical about not being able to try out the mattress before buying. I wanted to lay on a mattress in the store, roll around a little, and decide if it's right for me!

So I did, and it was very confusing. The salesman kept trying to upsell me, and after a while, every single mattress in the store felt exactly the same, so I didn't even know what I'd be overpaying for.

I did some intense Internet research on buying the best mattress online, and I found an innovator in the field.

I found this luxury mattress company called Lull that promises exceptional comfort, reasonable pricing, and the ultimate convenient at-home delivery. It also had fantastic reviews. Over 29,000 customers were raving about Lull, so I couldn't help but be curious as to what all the hype is about.

I still wasn't completely sold, but they offer a risk-free 100-night trial, which means if I didn't love it in 100 days, they would pick it up from my home for free and give me a full refund.

I really wanted to try it - they scientifically designed their mattresses to be the ideal ratio of firm and soft. Lull Mattresses are crafted with three layers of premium memory foam designed to stay cool, relieve aches, align your spine, and limit motion.

With the refund at the back of my mind, I ordered my Lull Mattress in a Queen. When it arrived, I panicked that it would be heavy, but it was so easy to bring up the stairs, I did it myself.

In just a few minutes, I unboxed my mattress, placed it in on my bed frame, and watched it expand to its full size. It only took one night's sleep to feel the difference of those scientifically-designed layers - I slept like a baby.

I often had a hard time falling and staying asleep, probably because of how uneven and sunken in my old mattress was, but after a few nights on my Lull, I found myself getting a solid 8 hours a night.

I've now been sleeping on a Lull for about a month and can't believe I ever doubted it. When I wake up in the morning, I feel more rested and energized instead of achy and tired.

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