Should We Be Bleaching Our Brows?

As a kid, Teen Vogue and Seventeen were my bibles. Looking back, they had me in some ridiculous get-ups. But hey, I thought I was slaying. Needless to say, my middle school Facebook albums are locked.

But now, as someone who is very online, I don’t count on magazines for fashion advice. God forbid I only jumped on trends when The New York Times reported them … I’d be laughed out of the city. I find out about the hottest trends the old-fashioned way: street-style spotting.

If you see me taking a long lunch outside, I’m probably people-watching. Whatever the fashion girls are wearing in downtown New York or the trendy neighborhoods of Los Angeles, I take note, then scrounge the vintage shops for similar vibes. For fall? I’m seeing lots of metallics, long skirts, those Birkenstock clogs, and … ASICS – you can’t win them all.

I also get my cues for beauty trends the same way. Red hair is back. The #CleanLook isn’t going anywhere. But most surprisingly, the girls are bleaching their brows.

I started seeing this last year. One of my coolest friends bleached and dyed her eyebrows last winter, but honestly, I thought she was just going through something. Turns out, she was onto something. All across my feeds, I’m seeing people across aesthetics bleaching their brows. First, the beauty vloggers. Then the Insta-famous celebs and the cool TikTokers. Now, Julia Fox, Kim K, Kendall Jenner, and even Bella Hadid have hopped on this trend.

So the question begs: should we all be bleaching our brows?

With experimental style and Euphoria-inspired beauty dominating the trendscape, maybe this extreme-seeming beauty trend isn’t so out of the blue. I’ve seen creators use their bleached brows to enhance their eye makeup and experiment with drawing on their brow shape. And with Halloween around the corner, the possibilities for face paint and all-out makeup just got infinitely higher.

So yes, I’m thinking about it. And you should too.

Why not? It’s a fun and reversible way to spice up any look, instantly seem cooler and become one of those cool city girls people look at for style advice. Oh, how the tables have turned. And if you look like an alien — and not in an alternative, Grimes way — you can always dye them back. Simple.

If you’re thinking about it, even just a little, you better start stepping up your brow care routine. Like, now. Keep your brows strong and thick while they’re dyed. It’s the same principle as dyed hair. You gotta step up your brow care routine. And here are the products to help you do it:

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Nuele Brow Serum

Nuele’s slick, sleek serum is a clean beauty favorite. This ultra-clean serum is a 2-in-1. It styles and holds throughout your day — all as it moisturizes, protects, conditions, and reduces frizz without any buildup. Healthy brows start here.

Grande Cosmetics Thickening Serum

This revolutionary serum is infused with a blend of vitamins, antioxidants, and amino acids to revitalize your brows to make them fuller and bolder, no matter how they start. Sparse, thinning, over-plucked, or, yes, bleached brows, beware.

Kosas Growpotion Fluffy Brow + Lash Boosting Serum

This is not the first Kosas brow product to go viral. First, their brow gel became a TikTok staple. Now, this brow-boosting serum will give you naturally fluffy brows — more for your Kosas gel to fluff up.

Luna Nectar Moon Boost Lash & Brow Enhancing Serum

Biotin is the star ingredient of this clinically-tested brow serum. With nourishing ingredients and amino acids, this Moon Boost formula works well on both lashes and brows.

Castor Oil

When all else fails, good old-fashioned castor oil and a spoolie is all you need for strong, full brows. Brush it through your brows, your lashes, and your baby hairs for your best, strongest, and healthiest hair everywhere.

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