The Everyday Essential Items I Can’t Live Without

My All Time Favorite Products Revealed

When you're a fashion editor, you wake up at 6 am for a full day of deadlines, fashion shows, happy hours, launch parties, store openings, panels, presentations, and meetings. Phew!

I have mastered the day-to-night look (the secret is neutrals and clean lines), and part of that includes carrying around a large slouchy bag with all my necessities.

I used to carry everything, including a hair straightener, in an attempt to be prepared for all kinds of events, but I've finally pared my bag down to just the things I need (besides wallet, keys, phone).

Here's what's always in the bag of a Fashion Editor.

Sugar Rosé Tinted Lip Treatment Sunscreen SPF 15 ($24.00)

light pink sugar rose lip balm from fresh

This is the only chapstick that I can feel hydrating my lips. It's perfect for when I'm dehydrated during a long day, but it also delivers a sheer blush color, along with SPF. Cute, healthy, functional.

PowerAdd Portable Charger ($12.99)

green portable phone charger

I used to be the person always asking for a phone charger. Or holding my phone and praying that 1% would last me 'til I got home. Investing in a portable charger is easy with this $12.99 one! It comes in multiple colors and has saved me on MULTIPLE occasions.

Daily Contacts From Hubble ($36/mo.)

I finally embraced my glasses post-grad, with a chunky tortoiseshell pair I love, but I still want the option of going sans frames. With Hubble dailies, I always have a fresh pair in my bag for when I want a new look.

Also: they're super affordable. My first 15 pairs were $1, and I love the convenience of dailies - no contact solution, and if I lose or damage a pair, no biggie.

The individuals are small enough to just throw in a tiny pocket, and the full box is adorable as ever on my desk. Once again, cute, healthy, functional.

KIND Protein Bars ($21.10 for 12)

Okay, my eating schedule is sometimes a giant question mark. So I never leave my apartment without a protein bar in my bag for some quick healthy calories. KIND's almond butter dark chocolate bars are like dessert, but with a jackpot of protein.

Kiehl's Ultimate Strength Hand Salve ($16.00)

My mom calls me once a week and nags me about using hand lotion - growing up, I had the scaliest hands. This super-strength powerhouse gave me the pretty hands I always admire in fashion ads. Also, applying hand lotion is a nice act of self-care, as a break from writing or while traveling.

So that's what's in my bag! No shockers - just quality products I love that really make my day-to-day better. Oh, shoot, also mints, never forget mints!

The contacts are my newest addition. I never thought Hubble'sdailies would work for me because I was a monthlies girl, but it's been an amazing experience, and a huge responsibility lifted.

If this is the one hack you take away, you're gonna be golden - these are so convenient and have really made my life easier.

If you want to check them out yourself, they're Trueself Style approved!

Update: Hubble is having a special daily contacts promotion: Get 15 Pairs of Daily Contacts For FREE (Just $1 S&H)

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