Reset Your Body With Lemonkind's 3-Day Juice Detox

They say the proof is in the juice but Lemonkind really makes it all about you. Lemonkind Superfoods is a juice cleanse designed to strengthen the mind-body connection so you can rock your personal health journey, whatever your goals are. It's an all-natural juice method created to reset your body's organs so you can say no to overindulging and yes to treating your body right. Formulated to keep you full all day, the botanically-infused juices will also keep your taste buds dancing with flavors like blueberry cinnamon chia and mango peppermint green tea.

Here's a day in the life of Sara, Bethany, and Catherine, as they re-energize their systems to meet their health goals.

7:00 AM

Sara: Whoops, almost grabbed the frozen waffles this morning! It's day one of my second time doing Lemonkind, but even the giant note on my freezer didn't stop me from reaching in.

Bethany: Mango peppermint o'clock! Day three, let's go!

Catherine: Trying my very first Lemonkind juice this morning. I only work 5 minutes from my house and it's perfect for drinking on-the-go.

9:00 AM

Sara: Marya's vinyasa class (the best one at the studio) is in an hour, so I have just enough time to finish my berry lemonade before heading over for a good spot.

Bethany: Sipping on my Awareness juice after dropping Kaitlin off at school. I have 10 minutes by myself before hitting the gym.

Catherine: This one is delicious! It's so hard getting fresh juice around here… I think I may stock up on a few more LemonKind boxes to get my juice fix this summer.

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11:00 AM

Sara: Marya invited me to a dinner party next week and I already know I'm going to be asking for second helpings of her triple chocolate mousse cake. Good thing I'm doing this juice cleanse and taking this week for myself.

Bethany: I love this one. The turmeric carrot gingerade really feels like it's cleansing my body, plus it's a great post-workout refresher.

Catherine: I'm taking a moment to read all the ingredients at my desk, and I can't believe how much detail is in the label- someone really did their homework. There are no added sugars, preservatives, dairy, gluten, or GMO's. It's only the good stuff.

1:00 PM

Sara: I'm going to drink this Strength juice and take a little nap because I deserve it. We did some serious inversions in class today.

Bethany: This green juice with a hint of citrus is such a classic, and I know this one costs half as much as a shot at the juice bar.

Catherine: My boss asked if I could help out with a new project today, and I feel so ready to tackle this, especially after finishing my Strength juice. I'm confident I can finish this project before 5 PM.

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3:00 PM

Sara: Zzzzzz

Bethany: The caffeine from the green tea is just what I need before Kaitlin's ballet class--sometimes I get so bored sitting there the full hour.

Catherine: I'm happy there are so many juices! Normally, I'd hit a wall at the office this time of day, but consuming small amounts of calories in multiple intervals and at a consistent pace is really working for me.

7:00 PM

Sara: Bringing my juice to my paint class tonight! It's BYOB and last month I brought too much B and needed to call a car home, so the juice is a nice change.

Bethany: My husband and I started planning our family trip to Disney next month. I'm definitely ordering 2 more LemonKind cleanses for right before and after I get back.

Catherine: I usually binge on popcorn during my nightly The Office marathons, but this green juice is way better for me than all that sodium.

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9:00 PM

Sara: The gals brought local donuts and Buckeyes, but the joke's on them because blueberry cinnamon chia is like dessert but without the guilt! It really is like a berry apple pie.

Bethany: Zzzzzzzzz

Catherine: I'm feeling tired but in a good kinda way. The green tea has kept me going, but without the jitters that my usual afternoon coffee always leaves me. Time to sleep and do it again tomorrow!

If you're curious about starting your own health journey, try LemonKind's 1-Day or 3-Day Super Detox Me juice cleanses to boost your metabolism, your energy and set you on the right path to wellness.

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