A New Mom's Honest Review of Lively

When I got pregnant, I knew my body would go through changes, but no one warned just how much! Before I knew it, my B-cups had turned into D-cups -- they seemed to grow overnight, and I was too busy with all of the baby prep to go shopping for myself. The thoughts of trying to navigate a busy mall while I felt this exhausted sounded like a nightmare.

My best friend got pregnant a few months before I did, so I asked her if she had any recommendations for practical maternity lingerie. She told me I should invest in a comfortable bra that I could wear during the last few months of my pregnancy, as well as a few styles for when I'd be breastfeeding. She told me she found amazing maternity bras from LIVELY that were cute and most importantly - comfortable!

I looked at the LIVELY website and immediately loved that their focus was on comfort, without sacrificing style. All of the bras looked beautiful, but also functional. I was most excited about the Wireless Mesh Maternity Bralette — it didn't even look like a maternity bra. I always thought you needed a wire to get the best support, but my friend told me it gives you all of the support you need, without the uncomfortable wire digging in. I ordered it in the light, toasted almond color, which also has adjustable straps in the front — an absolute necessity for nursing.

Their detailed instructions made it easy to know what size to order. Plus, they have free returns, just in case. I added some matching underwear to my cart and, from the comfort of my couch, I ticked one more thing off my never-ending to-do list before the little one arrived.

When my LIVELY order arrived, I was a little nervous to try everything on. I felt like I was getting bigger by the second, but everything fit so well. The Toasted Almond color was prettier in person and it was made with the silkiest fabric; it had a j-hook closure, so no straps would show in a tank top. It fit so well, without digging into my sides, and it felt so supportive.

I wore my new bra throughout the rest of my pregnancy and then after the arrival of baby Alice (8 lbs., 2 oz.) the discrete hooks in the front were so helpful for nursing. I ended up having to order another one because I wore it so much!

LIVELY makes bras for women, not mannequins. They're simple, beautiful, and more comfortable than anything else out there. Whether you're about to become a mom, or are just looking for comfortable lingerie that won't break the bank, LIVELY has something for everyone.

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