4 Ways Drizly Saves The Day

Ever been stuck at a party where the only thing to drink is cheap wine that makes your head hurt? Or maybe you're avoiding carbs and your host only has beer, when you really just want a vodka soda. Or worse, the only choice was Guiness and Whiskey… enter Drizly, your saving grace next time you're stuck in one of these desperate situations. Need alcohol? Order online and get it delivered right to you. Drizly is a service that brings alcohol right to your door in under an hour. Drizly partners with all the best retailers in your area to give you access to a wide selection of craft and mainstream beer, wine, and spirits at great prices.

How do I love Drizly? Let me count the ways.

1. You don't have to carry eight cases of beer on your own

Lugging all the alcohol to your apartment or from the trunk of your car is one of the most annoying things when hosting a party. It's heavy (I don't go to the gym) and it's a pain. Order online as far in advance as you want, or for immediate delivery and the alcohol will be there.

2. You're at a pool party and craving Mojitos

Trying to make a cocktail? Drizly will make sure you get not only the right rum, but also limes, simple syrup, and soda water for your impromptu summer cocktails. Basically, if the liquor store has it, you can get it delivered through Drizly.

3. You're stuck in a hotel and don't want to pay for that overpriced mini-bar

No one should ever overpay for a tiny bottle of Pinot or a nip of Gin. If you're traveling and don't know your way to the nearest liquor store, you can skip the pricey markups and have an affordable drink delivered to your door.

4. Let's not forget the moms

Many moms love to wind down with a glass of wine post bedtime story. But when the wine rack is empty and the kids are already asleep, what's a mom to do? Have someone bring the wine to you and treat yourself.

Solve situations like these. Do yourself, and your party, a favor, and head to Drizly for convenient and affordable alcohol delivery for those times when you really need it. The best part? Alcohol delivery is legal. Gone are the days when it was taboo.

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