The Best Way To Refresh Your Eating Habits In 2021

I know literally everyone is saying this right now, but I want to revamp my eating habits in the new year. 2020 was a year for eating whatever was in reach, but I really want to cut back on carbs and get my fuel from better sources.

My friends are always signing up for meal kit delivery services, but because they've tried so many, I honestly figured they were all exactly the same and interchangeable.

In our group chat though, they were recently talking about Green Chef, which I hadn't even heard of before. Apparently, they had decided it was the best. It's the only meal kit that is a USDA Organic Certified Company and it offers keto + paleo, plant-powered, and balanced living plans.

Everything looked beautiful. For a post-holiday reset, this would be perfect. I looked into their cancellation policy, and you can pause or skip a week whenever you need to. I thought I would just sign up for a week or two to kick myself into an eating-more-greens mode.

I selected the Balanced Living plan since I'm not on a particular diet, but if I ever wanted to go all keto or plant-based it was easy to do so. For my first week, I chose 3 recipes: Steak & Cheddar Melts with kale salad with carrots, dried figs, & white-wine vinaigrette; Japanese Vegetable Fritters with ginger-sriracha aïoli, broccoli & cashews, and rice with edamame; and Mediterranean Shrimp with sun-dried tomatoes, sautéed zucchini with bell pepper & olives.

Even though I like meat, I was most excited to try the Vegetable Fritters. When everything arrived, it was individually portioned in sustainable packaging. Green Chef is the only meal kit company that offsets 100% of its direct carbon emissions and plastic packaging from every box!

My friends were appalled by some of the other meal kits' complete lack of sustainability.

The picture of the Vegetable Fritters was amazing. It reminded me of a dish I'd had once in a Japanese speakeasy years ago. Every step of the process was clearly outlined on the recipe card, and it took almost exactly as much time as was suggested!

I plated my meal and grabbed an unsweetened iced tea to go with it. I realized it looked even better than the picture; the greens were bright, the fritters were so crispy, and the sauce looked so creamy. I bit in and was floored. With no meat, it was filling thanks to the protein-filled cashews, the hearty cabbage in the fritters, and the fluffy jasmine rice.

With Green Chef, staying away from carbs and getting my calories from stronger sources has never been easier. I also don't reach for sugary snacks because I'm getting filling meals.

It's so much easier than I thought, and it's a really affordable way to consume more organic produce; Cost per serving (especially with my new customer discount) is much more affordable than Whole Foods ingredients or trendy "healthy" restaurants with marked-up prices.

After the holidays, I'm excited I get to still eat rich, indulgent foods without any junk. Green Chef is the #1 meal kit for eating well and I can happily say I agree.

NEW YEAR SPECIAL: Our friends at Green Chef are extending a limited time offer to our readers! Follow this link to get $90 off across four boxes, including FREE shipping on the first box!

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