Customized Bodycare: Yes Or No?

Function of Beauty has a new line of customized self-care products.

This year has been wild for me, and I swear I see it on my skin.

I'm trying to deal with stress in a healthy way and drink enough water (I'm up to 5 glasses a day!), but I feel like my skin is always so dry and dull.

It sucked, but whatever. I was complaining to my friends about it, and one mentioned that our shampoo brand, Function of Beauty, had just come out with customized body wash and lotion.

That seemed kind of silly to me. I get customized hair care because everyone's hair is so different, but skin is skin, right? I have a facial wash for my T-zone, but no one needs something just for their elbows.

I tried Function of Beauty because I had a friend with curly hair and one with straight hair who both said it was their favorite. I wanted something vegan, and the colors, scents, and subscription options were amazing, so I signed up.

I did notice after a few months that my hair was shinier, and I'm obsessed with the different scents, so I thought I'd at least look at their body products.

They have a quiz for hair, and when you choose your goals, they tell you about the different elements they add to your blend (I chose "lengthen," so my formula has blue-green algae extract).

For my body wash and lotion, they asked if my skin was "very dry," "dry," or "balanced." I went with "very dry." For scent, I chose a strong "true l(o)vender" because I'd be applying this at night and that sounded so calming. Then I went with purple body wash to match the scent, and a green lotion to match my bathroom.

I still didn't know if customized body products were necessary, but I was impressed by the brand already and I needed more lotion anyway, so I finally added to cart. Also, I wanted no parabens in any of my beauty products, so this was a good switch.

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When my shipment arrived, I stashed everything in the shower except the lotion. The green color was even prettier in person, and I let out a drop onto my hand. It was like when you're eating really creamy ice cream and it melts into your tongue - the lotion seeped into my hand.

It was super moisturizing, and looked so nice in my bathroom.

That night, my shower was nearly 100% Function of Beauty, if not for my purple drugstore loofah. I used my (pear) fection shampoo & nude (p) each conditioner and then tried the body wash. It was so good! Same lavender smell as the lotion, but intensified by the shower.

I felt so squeaky clean and moisturized!

Now that it's been nearly a month, I decided I'm going to continue with the body wash and lotion, too. I'm switching to the smaller lotion because I don't use it every day, but my skin definitely feels more moisturized, so I don't want to mess anything up now.

Plus, having everything delivered to my door is so convenient, and you can pause, tweak or cancel your subscription at any time. I also love that you can switch up the color and scent whenever you want, and make changes to your formula as needed.

I also like supporting Function of Beauty! They're vegan, cruelty-free, paraben-free, sulfate-free, and they have something like millions of different formulas. You really need to take the quiz and see what they give you, because if you have curls, dyed hair, or a sensitive scalp, you're going to get something different from me!

I still haven't tried all the scents (and there are seasonal ones, too!) so I'll be using their products for a long time.

Function of Beauty is offering our readers a special offer - get $20 off your first body+hair order of $60 or more. Follow this link to start the customization quiz!

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