Don't lose sleep over college regrets

Walking toward the stage to graduate and being handed a very expensive piece of paper is a wonderful feeling. Life is ahead of you and undergrad is behind you. Maybe you didn't always make the best decisions in college. You should have done more internships, worked during college or picked a different major. But everything has been said and done and nothing is going to change the past. Don't lose sleep over your college regrets, because is it really serious enough to be a regret?

A disclaimer: College is expensive, no matter where you go to school. An educated mind is valuable so don't completely skip your opportunity to learn. Keep learning after graduation and all that fun jazz.

1. Skipping class

Skipping class is generally frowned at, especially since you pay for those hours. But sometimes when there's an opportunity to something else that you're probably going to remember for a lifetime, cutting class is well worth it. Unfortunately there are times where you end up with a professor who just slaps the textbook material on slides and reads the slides as a teaching method. Those classes are on the lower end of being worth your time. Just don't fail because of attendance.

2. Taking the random courses

Those random classes that didn't fit in with your major or minor are part of your learning experiences. It might have felt like a wasted hours but it expanded your worldview and that is never a regrettable thing.

3. Dropping or changing majors and minors

You can't change your major once you've graduated. Sure, you can go back to school, but undergrad is over. Might as well use the skills you've learned and turn it into an advantage for what you want to purse. If you did drop or change the major or minor, then you probably had a reason for it.

4. Bombing a test or paper because you went out instead

In long run, a failed test or paper (unless it's your thesis) is not going to determine your future. The fear of missing out is a strong urge and occasionally giving into isn't going to more good than harm. Preferably don't do it the night before a major exam or paper is due, but it happens.

5. Spending on experience but eating PB & J for a month

A summer abroad? An out of town musical festival? A spontaneous mini road-trip to ease the stress the semester? All of those are worth skimping on certain things like the drinks, cover charges and Whole Foods haul. What you need in college is much simpler than you think.

6. All the other dumb mistakes

College years happen during a maturing and development stage for most. People make mistakes and the young make mistakes more frequently. It will be just a funny or embarrassing story at the end of the day.

Just be glad you made it through. Unless you are headed to grad school, then you need to avoid all of the above (especially skipping class). #noregarts

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