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If you want to finally reach your #hairgoals then listen up!

Turns out, the ingredients in most of your drugstore shampoos and conditioners are damaging your hair and scalp a lot. The harsh chemicals, parabens, and detergents found in over-the-counter hair care today can dry out your hair and scalp, leading to hair loss and other long-term detriments.

That's why Hairstoryinvented a shampoo and conditioner alternative: New Wash. The brand is revolutionizing hair care with detergent-free formulas that help all hair types to achieve a softer, shinier, healthier look.

At $44 for a full-sized New Wash Original, Hairstory is a great investment, but it can seem like a big one if you’ve never tried it before. They get it — that's why they created the New Wash Original Minipouches at just $22 for those who want to try before you buy full-size.

When you start using New Wash, you’ll notice there's an adjustment period of a few weeks where your hair may look greasy because it’s getting used to producing less oil. Shampoos with detergents completely strip your hair of its natural oils, causing your scalp to overproduce oil to compensate for the dryness. Hairstory is designed to beat the continuous wash, grease, repeat cycle and break that constant urge to rewash.

Once you’re done with the adjustment period with Hairstory, you’ll notice you can space out your wash days more, saving both time and product used in the shower. Plus, you don’t need a conditioner with Hairstory because it's a cleanser packed with moisturizing ingredients!

Not only will your hair stay clean for longer with Hairstory, but your hair will be healthier and shinier than ever. Don’t believe us? Check out some of their many 5 star reviews, or order the New Wash Original Mini pouch to test it out yourself.

After you’ve been converted to Hairstory, you can sign up for their Refill Club, which saves you 20% on each order + free shipping and reduces plastic use thanks to their reusable metal container. You can use the New Wash Original Mini for travel then — it contains 3 (TSA-friendly) ounces.

They also offer RichorDeepformulas in their full-sized pouches — you can take their quizto determine which New Wash is best.

So what are you waiting for? Try Hairstory now for just $22 with the New Wash Original Mini and thank us later!

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